Powerful Healing Earth Energy Rituals For A Magical Life

Interested in healing with the elements of nature for magical, harmonious living? I have some powerful rituals and practices for a healthier body, greater wealth & security, and trusting your path! Healing EARTH energy is the key to manifesting it all. I’ll teach you all about the Earth element, it’s associations, when it’s wise to connect with it, and 3 simples practices to engage it.

Harnessing the power of the elements in nature is our birthright as humans!  Ready to dive in?

Healing With The Elements

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve heard me say this many times before (but it bears repeating):

We are microcosms of nature.  

We HAVE TO stay connected to the elements of nature to feel healthy & whole.

And this is why I love teaching you how to change your diet & lifestyle to align with the seasons (& the elements as they’re associated with) from the Taoist/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.

The 5 elements of TCM are different from the 4 cardinal elements of nature that most people are familiar with though which have pagan origins…





(In TCM, Air is missing and Metal and Wood are added. Also, sometimes “Spirit” is included in the pagan system as a 5th element.)

As I’ve expanded my spiritual practice to include Celtic shamanism, it’s been necessary for me to integrate all these different philosophies about the elements while respecting their differences. It is possible!

And now I’m ready to teach you how to use the elements of nature with more spiritual depth.

This post is the 1st of a 4-part series I’m doing on the cardinal elements. We are starting with EARTH.

Healing Earth Energy: What does the Earth element do and when is it needed?

Among most cultures, the Earth element is associated with:

  • The physical body
  • Our ability to give and receive nourishment
  • Feeling stable, grounded, secure, and trusting that life is happening FOR you
  • Details and practical matters, especially with home & finances
  • Relation to other beings, plants, and animals, and Nature on this planet
  • Nature spirits (fairies, gnomes, elves, etc.) 
  • Femininity, goddess nature (Gaia, Pele, Pachamama)
  • In Tarot, the suit of Pentacles
  • The astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn  

It’s helpful to work with the Earth element when you’re:

  • Feeling disconnected from your body (too much in your head) 
  • Feeling pain or discomfort in your body
  • Wanting to manifest an idea or desire in physical form in your life (out of head & fantasy)
  • Dealing with financial, work, or relationship issues (or anything threatening your safety)
  • When the Full and New Moon is in one of the Earth astrological signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn  

Earth Element Rituals

Prayer and intention should be the essence of every ritual.  You are actively asking the Great Spirit, The Universe, Source, your Creator, or God for help.  Then connecting to the Earth itself, to Earth goddesses, to plants, herbs, essential oils, animal & nature spirits will help you embody this element more, and is a form of taking action. 

These 3 rituals are my favorite for making that transformative shift of being more Earth.  This means that we are embodying the Earth element to feel more healthy, grounded, secure and trusting.

1. Grounding Exercise or Walking Meditation

The first practice I do all the time to connect with the Earth is to do a grounding exercise or a walking meditation. I feel like they are equally beneficial.

It’s helpful first, that as you have your feet in contact with the earth (either stable with your grounding exercise or placing them one at a time as you’re doing a walking meditation), that you are releasing first. Ask the Earth to take anything that is blocking you from your connection to it. So if you have this consciousness – if you are aware of the blockages – then ask for that release first whether it be worry, mistrust, feeling like a victim, etc.

It’s like you are putting all of this energy into the Earth compost bin which will cycle itself. Then we’ll be able to pull up from the earth the nurturing qualities that it can provide us.

Working with an affirmation is helpful as you’re grounding or walking. For example…

“I release all of my worry into the Earth and I trust that the Earth and Source will provide me with the money, security, and health that I need in my life to experience it to its fullest.”

healing earth element affirmation

Play with words and make your affirmation your own if you’d like to manifest something else.

Continue with the grounding exercise or the walking until you feel like it is complete and you are emotionally settled.

Note: it is helpful to actually be in contact with the earth with bare feet, but honestly, I don’t always do this. It is equally powerful, in my opinion, to use your mind to make that connection. Visualize roots growing down through the soles of the feet into the earth. Even if you’re doing a walking meditation, imagine dragging those roots with you to maintain a connection to the earth and maybe even to its core.

2. Plant Your Goals, Dreams, & Intentions

The second ritual and practice that I love to do is to “plant” your goals, dreams, intentions, and desires. It’s more symbolic, and you can do it in a variety of ways.

  • Write down what you’re wanting to manifest on a piece of paper and then bury it in the earth
  • Place your prayer in actual seeds and plant them in your garden (making a connection with what you are growing in your garden and what you are trying to grow in your life)
  • Place your intention in crystals, rocks, or gems and place them in soil or in sand on your altar.

Remember, these affirmations are not just wishful thinking. As you’re doing these practices you’re building faith and trust that you’re supported by the Earth and Source. You are changing your attitude, your vibrational frequency, and the way you show up in the world. This will make you more magnetic and allow more opportunities into your life. These are empowering practices that lead to lasting physical changes.

3. Lowerworld Shamanic Journey To Connect With Earth Spirits

The third practice I do to connect in with the Earth element is a Lowerworld shamanic journey. I do this for myself and also with clients in my holistic healing sessions in my Pathway to Empowerment program.

We choose to go to the Lowerworld in these journeys because this is where we connect with the nature spirits and the power animal spirits that are the guardians of this element. They can provide healing for you and also answer any questions you have about your life.

Even though this is a very visual experience, done in your head, it’s still very grounding. We open up our senses in these journeys, so you should feel completely embodied as you are doing them. They can provide you with healing and can answer questions for you with practical matters that are related to the earth.

To learn more about how to work with me in this way of doing shamanic journeys in healing practices you can check out the description below

‘m interested to hear which Earth Element ritual you feel most attracted to! Please let me know in the comments if there’s one you plan on doing.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have about working with the Earth element further: ideas on affirmations, which crystals are best to use for your situation, etc.

Please share this article with anyone who is interested in healing with the elements and can use this support.

Next up: Wonderful Air Element Spiritual Practices For Clarity and Inspiration!

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