Shamanic Healing: Holistic Wellness From The Spirit World

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Shamanic Healing and Spirit Communication is one of my most powerful offerings. I’m eager to share more with you here if you’re not familiar with Shamanism. Ready for deep spiritual healing? Read on and watch the video below to learn how and why I became a Shamanic Practitioner. And I’ll give you details on exactly what I do in my healing sessions.

Embark on a deeply personal journey of self discovery that will provide you with empowering wisdom and spiritual support. Each healing session will be completely unique for you and will expand your capacity for authentic, joyful living. Book a session here.

My Background As A Shamanic Practitioner

I was called to Shamanism several years ago. My Qigong teacher had a vision of me as a Shamanic Practitioner during one of our energy sessions together. I listened to his advice to look into it, since it wasn’t the first time someone said I was inclined to this work. A friend gave me the book By Oak, Ash, and Thorn (Celtic Shamanism) to look at 10 years prior to this discussion with my Qigong teacher. Honestly, the book freaked out at the time. I was afraid of the spirit world, so had no interest in journeying. But when my teacher mentioned it again, I was ready to explore it.

Everything lined up easily for me after that. I discovered that one of my TCM teachers was already a shamanic practitioner. So I started learning from her in the Core Shamanism tradition (Michael Harner). The journeys were very natural for me. I developed a strong relationship with my power animals and teachers I met in the non-ordinary realities. The messages coming through were always relevant and spot-on.

Surprisingly, one of the tools that I’m inclined to in this system is the psychopomp work. I used to be so afraid of spirits. Now I help souls transition to the other side, which is a skill that has comforted me and loved ones.

Shamanism is the backbone of my own spiritual practice.

I’ve been very private about my abilities though, for fear that I’ll freak people out as I once was. But the depth at which one is able to heal with this set of practices is truly phenomenal, and it’s not benefiting anyone if I keep this skill hidden.⁣

What Exactly Is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a belief system and set of practices that have been practiced by indigenous cultures all over the world. Of course there’s differences among all these traditions, but the similarities are pretty remarkable.

Nature and A Shaman’s Community

Practitioners and the techniques are centered around a strong reverence for nature and the communities they serve. In the past, Shamans were responsible for the health of their whole tribe. They were the wise elders that had access to advice no one else did. They journeyed and communicated with nature spirits to align with the environment. When the group needed to find water, they looked to the Shaman. The Shamanic practitioner also led ceremonies for the seasons and important life transitions of individuals. Of course, the Shaman was also the healer in the community.

The Shamanic Journey

Another similarity passed down from all traditions is using the Shamanic Journey as the main tool for healing, divination, and more. Shamanic practitioners use percussion (drums or rattles) to bring their minds into a trance so they can explore “non-ordinary reality”. The Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds are the places where power animals, ascended masters, spiritual teachers, and ancestors reside. They journey for guidance and to do spiritual healing there that is then manifested here in the “ordinary reality”. It is complex and requires a very open, yet discerning mind.

Benefits Of Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing has done the following for me, and can help you as well:⁣

  • Introduce you to your Power Animal spirits who give you strength, courage, and power⁣
  • Provide you with a helpful Spiritual Team who freely offer guidance about the past, present, and future⁣
  • Help you find and reintegrate lost aspects of your soul after trauma (needed if something happened to you and you’ve “never been quite the same”)⁣
  • Resolve illness on every level of your being⁣
  • Heal ancestral trauma⁣
  • Prepare you for and support you through important life transitions ⁣
  • Transmute negative beliefs, emotions, and experiences⁣
  • Bring clarity to your life path & mission⁣
  • … and so much more!⁣
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Want To Experience A Shamanic Healing Session?

Is this something you’ve considered exploring for yourself or a family member?⁣ If so, I would love to work with you in my Holistic Healing Sessions or in my Pathway To Empowerment Program where we can explore Shamanic Healing. Several sessions may be required to get to the root of the issue and process fully.

What part of the Shamanic Healing process sounds most appealing to you? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments, below. Well wishes to you…

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