Energy Update September 2022: Collective Breakthrough!

The energy forecast for September is all about breaking up and breaking through! It is expansive and exciting! However, like most changes, it can be challenging to cope with the redirection. We discuss the interesting divination vision that is the big theme for this I hope you enjoy this September 2022 energy update.  A tarot reading spread describes how to handle it personally.  

I suggest you watch the video below and look at the questions that follow.

Energy Update September 2022 YouTube Video

There is a lot to contemplate this month, to help you see how involved you may be in other people’s agendas. Answering these questions can help you break free and focus on your own life.

  • What “movies” are playing right now in the collective?
  • Who are the directors, producers, and actors?
  • What do they want you to feel?
  • What is the motivation?
  • What part of the audience are you sitting in?

Most importantly, what are you going to do with your life when you leave the “theater”?

Let me know if the tarot spread helps you answer this bigger question and give you the courage to move forward in your life. I love reading your comments!

I hope you enjoy this energy forecast for September 2022! Well wishes friends…

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