How To Live By The Moon For A Magical Life

One of the intentional shifts you can make, if you are desiring change in your life, it to follow the cycles of the moon and adjust your activity to it. Why does paying attention to the moon phases make such a difference? And how exactly can we make this shift? Continue reading and watch the video below to learn how living by the moon can make your life truly magical.

Cyclical Energy Of Women And Men

I’ve written many times about how humans are microcosms of nature, but it bears repeating. Usually we’re talking about how to align with the energy of the seasons which cycle throughout the year. But there are smaller cycles we align with as well, such as the day/night cycle of the sun and the cycles of the moon.

Men and their Yang, active nature tend to be more affected by the sun and can reset their energy in a 24 hour cycle. However, women, perhaps because of their Yin nature and more complex hormones, align more with the 28 day cycle of the moon. So paying attention to the phases of the moon is especially important for women to consider.

The Energy Of The Moon Phases

We know the moon has tremendous influence over the ocean tides, so of course it influences the human body. And the energy can affect not only our bodies, but also our emotions and behavior.

We can look at the phases of the Moon from the perspective of Yin and Yang energy. The Moon itself is relatively Yin, emotional, and feminine compared to the Sun. However within the Moon we have different Yin/Yang energy patterns too.

Waxing From New To The Full Moon

As the moon is waxing and building, the activity is considered more Yang. At the Full Moon, we experience the full expression of this energy. It can be very emotional and chaotic, feeling like we’re going to burst. I’ve noticed in my practice that many patients have a harder time sleeping close to a Full Moon.

Waning From Full To The New Moon

Naturally, we feel a strong release at the peak of the Full Moon which is more of a Yin activity – letting go. It can be a more relaxing period if we allow ourselves to go with the flow and not cling to staying the same. We move toward the emptiness of the New Moon. And at that point, we pivot again. The emptiness represents pure potential that can spur new ideas and creations that motivate us to act again.

How To Align Your Activity With The Phases Of The Moon

If all of this makes sense to you, then I recommend you try living by the moon, which will bring more intentionality and purpose to your life. It can also help you stick with commitments and to evaluate how things are working out, month-to-month.

The Full Moon and the waning period after it is a great time to:

  • Finish up projects, tie up “loose ends”
  • Notice how abundant your life is and if there’s anything overwhelming your life that may be blocking the flow of more health, wealth, and happiness
  • Commit to releasing unhelpful habits, time-suck activities, set boundaries with people & let go of shallow or hurtful relationships
  • Detox & cleanse your living space (ditch toxic home products, processed foods, clutter, clean your car, donate clothes you don’t wear)
  • Use energy medicine to help clear your body, heart, mind, and spirit of any old, dense, or foreign energy.
Lunar Full Moon Cleansing for Holistic Health and Healing

The New Moon and the waxing period after it is a great time to:

  • Dream about a better future and take actionable steps to attain it (monthly or 90 day plan)
  • Start new projects and endeavors
  • Visit friends and network with business connections
  • Develop your intuition and seek spiritual connection (nourish your heart, mind, and spirit)
  • Make beautiful additions to your home and wardrobe
  • Have a party
  • Plan a vacation

Having a mindfulness practice such as Yoga, meditation, walking in nature (without a device), or journaling can be very helpful anytime of the month to help you see how well you’re aligning.

Consider my Yoga & Self Healing Practices Course to help with mindfulness and establishing an easy rhythm in your life.

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I tend to follow the phases of the moon with home life, creative projects, business endeavors, and my relationships with friends & family. When it comes to my body, I tend to follow the wisdom of my menstrual cycle instead. For some lucky women, both the moon and their menses sync up with the Full or New Moon. But this is not the case for most women.

I may do a separate video & blog post on aligning with your menstrual cycle. Just know that the concept is pretty much the same, considering when you’re feeling more Yin & Yang energy and adjusting accordingly.

Do you have any new ideas of how you can adjust your life to the moon cycle? I highly suggest you try them out now! You may have more success than if you were trying to force situations without considering whether the time was “right”.

If you need any help along the way, please reach out! I do online energy healing sessions and coaching as well as my in-person acupuncture and holistic healing sessions in Belmont, CA.

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