Why Shamanic Drumming Is Way Better Than Psychedelic Plants And Drugs

Are you interested in using psychedelic plants and drugs to have mind-altering, spiritually-expanding experiences?  Are you intrigued about all the research supporting the therapeutic use of psychedelics for depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders?  I have first hand experience with psychedelics. So you may be interested to hear what I think about the current therapeutic recommendations, and why I believe shamanic techniques like shamanic drumming, rattling, and healing practices would be a better fit for most people.

This topic of microdosing with psychedelics for therapeutic reasons has come up a lot in the media and even in my friend circles. I think many of you would appreciate knowing my take on it.

Psychedelics, also known as hallucinogens, are naturally occurring in plants or are man-made in the lab.  We’re talking about DMT – Dimethyltryptamine (which is really popular right now), Ayahuasca (which is a sacred plant that contains DMT), LSD, magic mushrooms, and even cannabis (with a lot of THC).  They shift consciousness, induce visions, and may help some people relax.

In my experience it depends on the state you are in when ingesting or smoking these substances that makes it a positive or negative experience, so is completely subjective.

My Experience With Psychedelic Plants And Drugs

Since I’m a shamanic practitioner, you may assume that Ayahuasca is what I have experience with. Not the case!

I experimented with psychedelics in my late teenage years when I had no idea I would be involved with shamanism.  I had no idea what it even was. 

There was a lot of drug use in my high school that I was pretty sheltered from. But I was very interested in psychedelics for no clear reason.

It was mushrooms and then LSD that I used. 

My experience with mushrooms, which I did a few times, was pretty pleasant.  I have great memories! But I was already in a really good mood and felt safe.

LSD was pretty bad. The first time was fun because I did it with friends at a sleepover, but once I was alone everything changed. I had lingering paranoia for days. The second time taking LSD, I was far from home with people I didn’t know and I took way too much. I felt I was losing my mind. The “trip” lasted for days and I had the lingering paranoia again – this time for months.

I had no desire to do mushrooms and LSD ever again. I learned the hard way that even smoking high THC cannabis could bring on flashbacks. So after a few scary experiences with that, I stopped pretty much everything – even alcohol over time.  I could not stand feeling loss of mind control.

Truly, I have not been the same since my experience with psychedelics. They definitely opened my mind – I see reality in a completely different way. But I’m still not sure that was really necessary and I can’t say it did much for my mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Difference I Noticed With Shamanic Drumming and Journeys

So it’s very interesting that I how have a job where I leave my body to go on shamanic journeys in an altered state of consciousness for myself and my clients all the time.

What changed?

I embraced my interest in exploring expanded consciousness, but in a very safe environment. And I did this with the support of my power animal spirits and other guides.

I have never considered taking ayahuasca for this. 

I simply use a shamanic drum or a rattle to help me enter what we can a shamanic state of consciousness to explore the lower, middle, and upper world for divination and healing purposes.

You do not need to take psychedelic plants or drugs to induce this state of mind!

In fact, there’s now research that shows our bodies make DMT naturally which helps us have these creative experiences.  Researchers have discovered that it’s produced in deep states of meditation and that is also what’s happening in a shamanic journey with the accompaniment of shamanic drumming or rattling.

I love that it’s increased my focus and the ability for me to access visions from my higher mind whenever I want, not dependent on anything but my own imagination. It’s more intentional and feels like I’m using great skill which is not needed for taking a psychedelic substance.

So What Do I Think Of Using Psychedelics?

Of course because I have a history using them, I would never judge anyone for wanting to try them!

If it’s just experimenting – I’d just recommend you make sure you are happy and you feel completely safe before doing it.  Apparently lab purified DMT only lasts 30-45 minutes.  But Ayahuasca tea and mushrooms can be a 6 hour trip.  LSD can last 12+ hours.  And as I’ve mentioned, the feeling of paranoia can be there much longer.

For therapeutic use though – working with mood disorders, wanting to spark creativity, to induce inspiring visions and initiate spiritual healing – shamanic healing is a much better option. 

Shamanic journeys are safe, you’re in complete control of when to stop it. But you don’t even need to be doing the shamanic journey with drumming yourself.  A practitioner like me can do that for you, just share the wisdom that comes through, and help you integrate it into your life for healing.  And I have successfully done this for many people so far.

How Psychedelics Affect Your Vibrational Frequency

Just one more thing I’d love for you to consider too before I wrap up this video is the spirits that we attract to us when we are in these altered states of consciousness.

The spirits of the plants are benevolent.  The plants are a gift from God. 

But if they’re altered by man, who is doing the altering and the intention behind it does affect the vibration of the substance.  Also when you are leaving your body in these experiences, you need to be very intentional about staying high vibration yourself, otherwise this leaves you vulnerable to attachments by negative entities.

This does not happen in shamanic journeys since we are accompanied by our helping spirits all the time.  There is built in protection from the portals we use. 

I have never felt threatened at all in a shamanic journey.  It has always been a pleasant experience for me whether I’m doing it for myself or others – even when they’re going through something negative in their lives.

The support is always positive because that’s my energy going into it, and I’m very intentional about making connections with higher vibrational beings.

Distance Shamanic Healing And Spiritual Guidance

I hope you found this interesting and helpful!  Please share it with a friend who can use this advice.

If you’re interested in pursuing visionary healing with shamanism, know that I am taking new clients and would love to help you! These are part of my Holistic Healing Sessions that I do both online through Zoom and in-person at my office in Belmont, CA. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

shamanic drumming vs. psychedelic plants and drugs for visionary healing
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