When To Break Your Own Rules, Follow Your Human Design, And Listen To Inner Guidance

We’re a few days into summer, but I’m just now getting into the vibe of the new season. That’s because I was very “off” – feeling stuck, disappointed, confused, and basically in my own personal misery because my rigidity was keeping me there. How did I get myself out of this funk and realign? Mindfulness helped me realize I needed to clear my energy. Then I was able to follow my Human Design strategy and that’s when I fully settled back into myself.

Do you often find yourself feeling stuck between your own set of rules and your innate sense of what’s best for you? If so, it’s time to take a step back, reconnect with yourself, and learn when you should break your own rules and listen to your inner guidance!

Following your Human Design is a quick way to help you realign too. In this video, I share about the opportunities I had this week to practice all of this. I think you’ll appreciate this wisdom and use it to inspire change in your life too.

You can check it out here:

When To Break Your Own Rules, Follow Your Human Design, And Listen To Inner Guidance

Are you stuck in between what you think you should be doing and what is truly aligned with your soul?  In the past did you have a great way to get yourself out of it? I’d love to hear more about your experience in the comments on YouTube.

This doesn’t always have to be about big decisions in your life.  It could even include what to have for breakfast!

Getting a Human Design Reading is a great idea if you are constantly feeling overwhelmed and confused! I have time in my schedule for online Human Design readings if you want to dive in soon –> Details & schedule here.

Well wishes to you all…

woman following her human design for soul realignment
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