What Are The Best Types Of Energy Medicine For You?

What are the best types of energy medicine for you?  By the end of this post, you’ll know which styles you’ll want to try – and commit to – based on your belief system, your sensitivity, and what you’re intentions are for healing.

We are living in very exciting times!  People are changing.  They are seeking more depth in their lives. And with regard to caring for themselves and families – they know that health and happiness is something that needs to be nurtured every day. 

They know they’re not getting it from our current healthcare system that focuses on pathology, overvalues profitable drug development, and works in a model that is very far removed from nature. 

So there’s been a revival of sorts to get back to the roots of medicine – traditional, indigenous medicine – which has always been energy based!

Why Is Energy Medicine So Important?

Energy medicine can provide you with next-level healing

This means you’ll be able to move beyond just dealing with symptoms and staying healthy enough to survive the day to day.  Energy is the bridge between the body, heart, mind, and spirit and when it’s balanced – we thrive.  

Energy medicine has the potential to positively affect your holistic health, AND with the way you show up in the world.  So it can also help with your relationships, you career, the abundance you receive, and your overall satisfaction in life.  

I always say I’m not in the business of convincing people.  Those I work with in my clinic here in Belmont, CA and also online, are already pretty open-minded about energy healing.

But we’re at a point where I feel everyone is going to need to open their minds to energy medicine if they want to avoid undue suffering that may result from blocking their healing potential.  And there are forms of energy medicine that are more approachable than others, so can serve even those who believe that healing is possible but don’t fully understand how. 

(I was at that stage for quite a awhile in my schooling as a Chinese medicine practitioner, so I’ll be sharing a bit about that too which may help many of you build your belief.)

So if this sounds awesome to you, let’s dig in!

What Are The Different Types Of Energy Medicine?

There are so many different styles of energy medicine. However, they all stem from the 2 most thorough, well-studied, whole systems of energy healing: (1) Chinese Medicine and (2) Yoga

Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine we work directly with the life force energy, called Qi which is also related to our Blood and our essence (Jing).  And we can tap into this energy through select points along energy channels that link up with the vital organs in the body.  So with all the Chinese Medicine branches – acupuncture, tuina massage, dietetics, herbology, and qigong – we even the smaller modalities within it like gua sha, cupping, moxibustion – we are distributing qi and blood evenly throughout the body.  Free flowing energy is health, stuck or deficient energy shows up as pain or weakness and leads to disease.  This can transpire on every level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Yoga is also focused on our vital energy that’s called prana.  Different types of prana.  There are channels that it moves through in the body, but there are thousands.  So instead, yoga deals mainly with 3 channels and the energy centers, the chakras.  Within yoga, there are many styles too (can be just focused on studying ancient texts or on community service), so it can get really confusing.  But when talking about a holistic health, Hatha Yoga and the sister science of Ayurveda form a complete health system.  Yoga asanas, postures with intentional breathing move the prana where it needs to be.  Focusing on the chakras helps with emotional healing and psychospiritual development.  And ayurveda uses food and herbs to treat the body when out of balance too.

Whenever an energy healing modality focuses on the acupoints, channels, chakras, and even deep breathing – they are pulling from either Yoga or chinese medicine.

Chinese Medicine and Yoga are the most comprehensive and that’s one reason why they are most accepted.  Everyone can see that they have tremendous value in treating:

  • Body aches & pain
  • Body system & organ dysfunction – GI, heart/circulatory, respiratory health, urinary tract health, etc.
  • Stress – it’s very relaxing
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mood imbalances
  • Hormonal imbalances, fertility
  • Detoxification & elimination
  • Allergies & immune system imbalances
  • and any disharmonies in the body, heart, mind. 

You don’t need to see or feel the energy to know it’s working, because you will feel better.  For most people, that’s all the evidence they need!

Other Popular Forms Of Energy Medicine

Of course, all the other types of energy medicine have great value

  • Qigong – just energy (clear, tonify, regulate -self cultivated or projected)
  • Reiki – very similar to qigong but from Japan, different method, mainly projection
  • Sound healing – sound vibration / frequency in Hz to balance the body’s energy, binaural beats
  • Crystals – many ways to work with them, each has their own properties to affect our holistic health (think quartz in a watch)
  • Could also consider essential oils if you’re using them not just for their chemical reactions with the body but also how they manipulate energy – especially combined with acupressure points
  • Vibrational healing massage – shaking, rotating, using vibration to open pathways
  • Cranial-sacral balancing – energy body, spine & nerves
  • Ahai 7D energy – more so on energy frequency and resonance
  • Shamanism – basis of CM but emphasis on spiritual health being the root of all health
  • There’s so many more  – I can’t talk about them all.

These types of energy medicine place a greater emphasis on the energy alone.  They work through the physical body, but more ethereal, linked up more with emotional and spiritual experience of self.

Which Types Of Energy Medicine Are Best For You?

I would start with which one sounds most appealing to you!  Trust your gut as to what could serve you best.

However, know that sometimes we choose the things that are most familiar to us and therefore we can lead to imbalance.  If you’re already very open to energy medicine, I suggest you watch my Elements of Nature series.  And if there’s an element that you feel you don’t have as much of, then try to engage in an energy medicine modality aligned with it:

EARTH – hatha yoga, crystals, essential oils, herbs

WATER – emotional processing with any of them chakra healing, qigong/reiki/Ahai 7D can feel your emotions more 

AIR – sound healing, binaural beats, chanting, Ahai (frequency)

FIRE – shamanism (spirit communication) or spiritual yoga practice

Just make sure you work with a practitioner who focuses on the energy medicine aspect of the modalities, because some systems, can be divorced from the true intention. For example, yoga with an exercise focus only, or Chinese Medicine practitioners who only work with pain management under the supervision of a medical doctor. Your experience is not going to be the same with them as when you’re working with someone who stays close to the root of the practices which have a more broad energetic & spiritual approach.

Where Do Skeptics Begin With Energy Medicine?

First, consider the blocks you may have to energy healing. Work through those first.  If you want to make a sincere effort to use energy medicine, just know that sensitivity grows with time. 

I did not feel or sense energy as a student.  I had the belief and the hope before I had solid proof.  Yoga, acupuncture, and massage were more appropriate for me then because I needed the body to feel something to know it was working.  That’s what I suggest you start with too if you’re feeling more skeptical about it all. 

When you learn to rely on energy medicine for holistic health, your confidence in your body, and your trust in spirit will grow.

I hope you enjoyed learning about energy medicine! Let me know if you need help finding a great practitioner in your area. Or if you’re interested in working with me online, you can check out my Holistic Healing Sessions.

I also have a course called Yoga & Self Healing Practices for Holistic Health where I also teach you how to do qigong: clearing, tonifying, and regulating your energy.  So that’s available to you too!

online yoga and qigong course

Much love and peace to you all…

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