The 5 Reasons Why I’ve Chosen doTERRA As My New Business

In this article, I’m sharing the reasons why I chose doTERRA as my new business! 

I know many friends (and maybe you too) are wondering “why is she prioritizing network marketing of essential oils over her main profession as a Licensed Acupuncturist?!”

Good question!  It’s not because I have a failing acupuncture practice.  I’m lucky to be in a place where I’m able to follow my passions and prioritize happiness.  It turns out that my passion is not with building a big acupuncture practice, but with a business that helps me empower people to take charge of their own health.  

Why I Chose doTERRA

I was introduced to dōTERRA 2 years ago by my friend Ashley who shares similar deep-rooted values with me. I love and trust her to the core, so I knew she was sharing something special with me. That first experience with dōTERRA essential oils at Ashley’s house turned my attention toward using their oils with my family at home and with clients in my practice. 

I never intended to distribute the oils and natural products though. Obviously, I have changed my tune since then! 

Here’s the main reasons why I took the plunge to start something new…

1. I love their purity and efficacy

I’ve used essential oils for over 20 years. However, it wasn’t until I started using dōTERRA that I realized the huge difference in quality among different brands. I had no idea that a label of 100% purity on oils at the health food store means nothing, and that they can still be diluted and adulterated.

DōTERRA created their own testing standards called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade which go beyond the requirement for the Certified Organic label here in the U.S. This purity must be why the oils have been so effective for my family’s health issues. They work well for my acupuncture clients too, and are actually preferred over Chinese herbs to sustain the acupuncture effects in between treatments.

I’ve seen first hand how these oils help clear ear infections, relieve constipation, regulate menstruation, resolve pain, promote restful sleep, and much more.

2. I love their sustainability efforts

Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic compounds derived from plant parts. For just one 15 mL bottle of lavender, about 3 pounds of lavender flowers are needed. You can see that if we’re not careful, producing essential oils can threaten plant populations.

This concern was brought the magazine, Mother Earth Living in Sourcing Sustainable Essential Oils (May/June 2018). The author talked about spikenard, sandalwood, rosewood, atlas cedarwood, and frankincense, which are all endangered species. Then, she suggested one choose brands wisely to ensure they’re using sustainable farming practices. But to my horror recommended that everyone avoid all Multi-Level Marketing oil companies (like the model dōTERRA uses).

Setting the Story Straight

I was really upset with their blanket statement to avoid MLMs because dōTERRA’s sustainable farming practices is one of the major reasons I love them so! Immediately after reading the article, I wrote to the editor, expressing my concerns and how I feel they did not do enough research. I shared the video below on how dōTERRA is managing spikenard production very well and are completely transparent with their farming practices.

I was pleased to get a response just a few days later from the Editor-in-chief, Hannah Kincaid. This is what she had to say:

“Hi Brandy,

Thank you for sharing your perspective with us.

Our intention with this article is to bring awareness around the environmental impact of essential oil production and to encourage our readers to research essential oils thoroughly before purchasing – rather through traditional avenues, MLMs, or otherwise. Young Living is the MLM that we called out by name in the article because of their direct and documented abuse of endangered plant material for profit. I agree with you that doTERRA is world’s better in their policies.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers like yourself who are researching their products and the companies they support and are able to bring additional, interesting information to the conversation.”

I remain secure that dōTERRA has the Earth’s back.

3. I love the impact they’re making globally

DōTERRA’s is also committed to Co-Impact Sourcing and their global humanitarian efforts. They build up impoverished communities; provide them with clean water, schools, medical needs, jobs, fair wages, and whatever they need. Much of this is done through their Healing Hands charity which partners with other organizations such as those providing feminine hygiene, micro-credit lending, and combating sex trafficking.

4. I love how they’re changing U.S. healthcare

Of all the wealthiest nations in the world, the healthcare in the U.S. is the worst. It’s a fact that no one can deny.

Beginning in 2019, dōTERRA is opening several integrative health centers across the country. They’re providing patients with individualized, proactive care, bridging the gap between modern and alternative medicine. I’m behind this initiative 100%, as I see that these are the missing links in our current approach to health. Over 41,000 people have pre-registered for care at this point. You can register here.

5. I love the business model

You probably see by now why I chose to use doTERRA’s essential oils. But why am I doing the business?

My #1 priority in life right now is raising my son. As a homeschooling mom, I need a business that is adaptable. I want to work flexible hours, have zero overhead, and the potential to make more than what I was in the acupuncture clinic.

DōTERRA provides all of that, in addition to training us how to lead a team of Wellness Advocates who sign on with us as business partners. We actually get to choose who we want to work with!

I have grown tremendously since embarking on this journey. I learned how to communicate better, to be gently persistent with those who really need these oils in their lives, and to let go of my fear of judgement.

I’m still doing acupuncture on a very part-time basis and teaching yoga, but dōTERRA is my main focus. And with both acupuncture and yoga, I integrate the oils for the client’s/student’s experiences as well.

This business fell in my lap and I’m so grateful for the opportunity! 

DōTERRA is the best business for me right now! It might fit you well too! Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to learn about using the oils or the business opportunity. We should all be doing hat lights us up in life. I can help guide you!

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