Strong Fire Element Rituals To Ignite Your Passions And Energy

In this 3rd post of our 4 part Healing With The Elements of Nature Series, we are focusing on the FIRE element.  All of the elements are important in our outer world to keep nature in balance.  As you know discovering how to use FIRE gave our human species a huge evolutionary boost.  Remember though that we are microcosms of nature.  There is FIRE inside of us as well which has to do with our inner drive to grow & evolve on all levels of our being – body, heart, mind, and spirit.  So read on, or watch the video below, if you want to hear more about the significance of FIRE and how it can help YOU live more passionately.  I’ll also be introducing you to my 3 favorite rituals to engage with the element of FIRE that you can use to initiate inner healing.

I’m excited to finally talk about FIRE with you today because it’s probably my favorite element to work with in healing rituals.  That’s because it is strong, quick, and effective – all qualities that very driven people respect!  And because fire is so strong and has both creative/life giving as well as destructive properties, I am constantly mindful of keeping it balanced inside.  I like to make sure my clients are aware of this too, and tend to talk about fire and heat a lot in my practice!

Creative Aspects Of The Fire Element

Fire is related to the yang energy of the Sun. It’s masculine energy that’s motivating and driven. We are fully dependent on it’s life-giving energy, which is the symbolic fire in nature. All beings, including plant life, need the sun to activate their life force; to grow and thrive.

We humans need just the right amount of sun/fire to activate vitamin D in our skin, which is responsible for healthy immunity, regulating appetite and sleep, supporting muscle & bone growth, and keeps our mood lifted. It’s obvious when we’re not getting enough sun/fire/vitamin D that our health suffers and our growth is stunted.

Internally fire creates and stirs up deep desires. It’s the passion behind what we’re trying to bring out into the world. And it’s what makes us embrace life fully. Inner fire generates heat and kindles our need to follow our life path.

Destructive Aspects Of The Fire Element

Fire is also destructive energy, but we can think of it more as transformative energy. It helps something end so another can begin; bringing regeneration and rebirth.

Transformative Fire In Nature

Relate this to a forest fire that can completely clear out an area of flora. That fire is needed to germinate some evergreen seeds (like pine). Fire is a very effective way to break open those cones, germinate the seeds, and spread them further on the wind. When that space is cleared of extra trees then the burned matter goes into the Earth and creates more nutritious soil. That then supports new life coming back up in the space that was made.

So in that sense, fire is needed in nature. It’s part of this endless cycle of death and rebirth. However there are other fires that are not as helpful. Like house fires – there’s nothing good about that! It’s simply destructive. So we need to respect fire with our inner work too. Similar to what happens in the outer world. Too much fire, or in the wrong context, can be bad. Balance is needed!

Transformative Inner Fire

One example of how inner fire is used to transform is the process of digestion from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, where it’s called Digestive Fire. This fire resides in the solar plexus, at the third chakra that we call Manipura, which is also where the stomach, spleen, and intestines are. This fire is the energy needed to break down food. It’s reduced to smaller essential nutrients that are then available to us as energy

(Note: Cooking food first before eating makes it very easy for us to digest and assimilate those nutrients. This is why cooking is emphasized in Ayurveda and TCM too.)

Inner fire can also purify our hearts, our minds, and our spiritual essence. We can burn away negative activity, helpful habits, and limiting beliefs that are stunting our inner growth. This symbolic death of the old self or ego identification is what’s needed to propel ourselves forward on our spiritual journey. Again, these destructive qualities need to be in balance we need to control it so it doesn’t become too excessive and obsessive. (Using the Water element is a great way to balance!)

When Is It Helpful To Do Fire Element Rituals?

Engage with the FIRE element when you feel it’s deficient in your life, or if you’re trying to achieve one of its benefits. For example, if you want to experience:

  • Greater motivation (remember last week in our video on the AIR I was saying that we need both air and fire to light that spark inside of us to rekindle this fire and to help us act)
  • More passion and engagement in life if feeling apathetic, disconnected, disinterested 
  • Transformation or transmutation of negativity, old habits, ego identification, and limiting beliefs that impede self growth
  • Better spiritual connection on your life path
  • A more exciting sex life
  • A boost in immune heath (Sunbathing is a fire ritual to get vitamin D from sun!)
  • Fire aspects of the lunar cycles, related to the astrological signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius astrological signs  
  • Processing of spiritual guidance from a tarot reading: Suit of wands is related to fire, so helpful to engage with fire when it’s called for in a reading.

My 3 Favorite Fire Rituals

These are my three favorite rituals of many that I do. You are going to see quick results in your life by doing them!

1. Trataka Meditation ~ Candle Gazing

Trataka, or Candle Gazing, is a yoga kriya which is a cleansing method of purifying the body, heart, mind, and Spirit. The intention is typically to connect in with your essence; your spiritual fire inside. But there are other beneficial impacts as well such as:

  • improving your vision
  • strengthening your eyes
  • calming your mind
  • resolving headaches
  • improve your sleep
  • developing clairvoyance (if you are interested in developing your psychic abilities)

Check out Trataka Candle Gazing Meditation which shows you exactly how to do this practice. It’s so helpful – you will love it!

2. Sun Salutations To Honor The Sun and Fire Outside & Inside

My second favorite fire ritual practice is yoga sun salutations, or surya namaskara. They are more than an exercise or movement practice. Traditionally, they are done facing the east, facing the rising sun in the morning. And they’re done and as a prayer or prostration to the sun.

Intention is key to develop your inner fire in this practice. You can put and intention and your life force into each mindful movement. Or it can also just be a symbolic gesture of appreciation and gratitude to the sun for providing you with an extra day of life. Bring in the fire properties that you’re trying to build up within yourself. With each breath, feel yourself becoming more alive and powerful inside.

There are many styles of sun salutations which vary by how challenging they are. Here’s a basic surya namaskara series from Yoga Journal. I also teach many variations of sun salutations in my yoga programs. In the video above, I also teach you how to do “Half Sun Salutations” which are doable for everyone!

3. Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation To Build & Use Inner Fire

My third favorite fire ritual is to do a meditation focused on the third chakra, Manipura, at the solar plexus.

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation Instructions

Before beginning, make an intention for your practice – clear on what you’re trying to transform.

Come into a meditative state, sitting on the floor or in a chair. Allow yourself to release any held tension and become more embodied, more present with each conscious breath.

Work with the third chakra by imagining that there is a ball of golden light there at your solar plexus. See it becoming brighter. As it becomes stronger, believe that it is burning away any negative qualities you’re trying to release. You’re also building up any qualities of fire you want to embody as you focus here.

You can do this with your breathing. The releasing and burning can happen with your exhalation. The building up and rekindling of fire can happen with your inhalation.

You’re welcome to use this affirmation in your meditation if it resonate with you:

“I stoke the fire inside of me with each breath, burning away impurities that are obstructing my growth, and igniting my life force energy and inner joy.”

Brandy Falcon

I’m curious to know – do you feel like you need to engage the fire element more in your life? Or is it already strongly present within you? Which of these three rituals are you feeling most attracted to?

Thank you for reading! Please share this article with someone who can use this support. Next up is the Water Element in our 4 part series.

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