Pathway To Empowerment Spiritual Coaching Program


Learn how to tap into your inner power and heal the deepest aspects of yourself with this 6-week shamanic spiritual healing and coaching program.


A 6-week Spiritual Coaching Program with energy & shamanic healing sessions, spiritual guidance, and personalized practices such as meditation, acupressure, yoga, and more..

It’s a magical journey of self discovery.

Not only will it bring more hope and joy into your life, it will heal the many layers of your being, and your relationships.

At The End Of Your Journey, You’ll Have:

▫️ A personalized set of practices you can turn to whenever needed to set you back on your path of living authentically, fully empowered.

▫️ An understanding of why you experience anxiety and certain themes in your life, and how to prevent falling into familiar disempowering habits.

▫️ A reliable team of spirit guides who will continue to provide wisdom and ease your struggles.

▫️ The confidence to follow your heart’s desire, living the life of your dreams.

▫️ Faith that you are supported in all you do.

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Brandy Falcon L.Ac.

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