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Learn to live your life in flow and understand your unique role in the world, with a 75 minute Human Design Reading. Schedule here today!

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Learn to live your life in flow, as intended, with a Human Design reading!

Human Design is a blueprint for intentional living that gives you access to hidden parts of your being which may currently be suppressed.

I’m a Human Design Coach, and I LOVE introducing people to this powerful method of living!  You can use it to help with your health, decision-making, learning style, relationships, work life, and your mission in the world.

In this 75 min. session, we’ll go over the information in your chart briefly.

Then we’ll discuss in depth your:

  • Type
  • Aura
  • Authority
  • Strategy
  • Profile
  • Incarnation Cross.

You’ll have one week of support afterwards if more questions come up as you integrate and process the information.  You’ll also receive the video recording of our session!

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