Powerful Natural Solutions For My Hypothyroid Disease

Do you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Hypothyroidism?  Did your doctor tell you to take prescription thyroid medications for the rest of your life?  Me too, but I trusted my body more than I did my doctor’s advice.  I proved to myself and others that it is possible to heal.  Read on to learn more about my powerful natural solutions for hypothyroid disease that you might want to try too!

I’m passionate about alternative medicine and whole food nutrition. They offer great support and healing potential to people with chronic disease.

I’ve talked briefly about my wellness journey in previous posts.  I’m slowly regaining thyroid function after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism over a decade ago. I want to share the details of my story now since the time feels right.

If you suffer from thyroid disease too, you may want to know what’s possible for you too.  You’re not doomed to a lifetime of thyroid hormone replacement.  You can address the root cause of the disease instead, and be an active participant in your body’s healing process.

Before we get to possible solutions, let me explain how I got here…

My Inflammatory Beginning

I’m one of the 20 million Americans currently living with thyroid disease.  I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks thyroid tissue. However, I’m also one of the many people who are placing their disease in remission and regaining thyroid function.

I’ve read many stories of people who were diagnosed with hypothyroidism after experiencing debilitating fatigue, depression, brain fog, hair loss, weight gain, and constipation.  My case was not that obvious or severe.

I complained to my M.D. about my inability to lose weight even with exercise and dieting. I had sluggish digestion too, but not enough to cause discomfort. On a hunch, my M.D. palpated my neck and noticed that my thyroid was enlarged. He then suggested we do a thyroid panel blood test.

Indeed, my thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and free thyroid hormone (T4) were within range.  However,  Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) antibodies were elevated to 101 IU/mL, confirming the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

He had no explanation for why this happened.  This inflammation would eventually destroy my thyroid tissue.  It would lower T4 and increase TSH hormones.   Levothyroxine (synthetic T4) is an easy fix for this. I got my prescription and that was that.

Searching For Natural Solutions to Hypothyroid Disease

Shortly after my diagnosis, I made the decision to quit my job in Biotech and get my Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I had a more relaxed schedule and enjoyed what I was doing.  Life was good.

But then I started to question:

How could I be an effective alternative medicine practitioner if I could not heal myself?

I depended on a pharmaceutical product that simply put my thyroid gland to sleep.  Inflammation was the root cause of my condition.  Simply replacing thyroid hormone didn’t feel right.

My condition puzzled my Chinese Medicine teachers. This was over 10 years ago. Our clinic was just starting to notice the increase in Hashimoto’s patients.  We didn’t have a common TCM diagnosis amongst us. My teachers didn’t want to advise me not to take my prescribed medications either. I would get regular acupuncture, which I’m sure helped.  Levothyroxine was still keeping my thyroid asleep though, so full recovery wasn’t possible yet.

Experimenting With Possible Causes and Natural Solutions for Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism

  • I started drinking filtered water since it’s a fact that fluoride suppresses thyroid function.

  • Since there’s an association between gluten and Hashimoto’s (as well as other autoimmune diseases), I took gluten out of my diet ~4 years ago.

  • I started taking probiotics and eating fermented foods because I finally realized the importance of gut health.  

  • Once I decided to use food to gain my health back, I went off my thyroid medication so I could easily gauge thyroid function.  My thyroid was functioning better with improved symptoms (less inflammation and some weight loss).  I confirmed this with occasional blood tests.

  • I knew that food intolerances can contribute to Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune diseases, so I went on an elimination diet .  Immediately, I dropped 10 pounds quickly.

  • After exploring GAPS, SCD, and Ketogenic diets, I managed well on a low-carbohydrate Primal diet. My digestion was not perfect, but was the best it had been in years.

  • A whole food supplement program supported my thyroid and general circulation.

  • I altered my exercise routine, sticking with a daily moderate-level yoga practice and gentle hiking (no more running, swimming, or jump roping, which all seemed to stress my adrenals).

  • I continued with acupuncture treatment on myself and working with other practitioners, but honestly, I did not do it as regularly as I would’ve liked.

My last blood test was 8 months ago.  Even though my TSH and TPO antibodies still on the high side, they’re now considered within range. Symptoms and how one feels are way more important than numbers on tests though. I still have a few extra pounds of water weight, cold hands & feet, and will occasionally miss a bowel movement here and there.  I know there is more work to do.

New Dietary Approach for Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism

Recently, I came across an intriguing article in GOOP featuring the “Medical Medium” Anthony William and his theory about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis & other autoimmune diseases and the Epstein-Barr virus.

I have his book now, Medical Medium Thyroid Healing (rated 5 stars with 500+ reviews on Amazon!).  I resonated with this book immediately and it gave me renewed hope. He’s knows a great deal about how bodies work & respond to the environment, toxins, and pathogens. He is sure to be criticized though, because his knowledge was not obtained through scientific methods. Instead, he received this wisdom from Spirit.

Standard health care has no answers at this point, so there’s nothing to lose in trying this out! Anthony William’s main message is a good one.  Our bodies ARE WORKING HARD for us to attack an elusive virus.  The body is not confused and self-destructive after all.

I’m only a few weeks into this new protocol. My predictable, effortless  bowel movements, more toned abdomen, adjusted appetite, and great craving for vegetables are telling me that it’s working!

How to Continue Healing My Body 

I know I can overcome this illness with the help of immune boosting foods and avoiding the foods and toxins that feed the virus. This new knowledge has also strengthened my resolve to bring acupuncture back in as one of my main tools.  I know how effective it is at managing other viral diseases.

I’m also committed to using essential oils to aid the healing since they can enter cells through the lipid membrane, supporting cellular function and defending against viruses.  This is my favorite blend that I use topically over the thyroid area twice a day.

doterra essential oil roller bottle blend for thyroid


I hope my thyroid healing story inspires you to try to treat your thyroid imbalance naturally! Of course it’s best to have the guidance of a doctor who is supportive of weaning from medication and trying new things. But ultimately, your health is in your own hands. Your choices can shape your reality. I hope it’s a healthy & happy one!

Please tell me your story in the comments!  I’m happy to answer any questions you have too. I am an expert in my own health.  I can offer you support as you become an expert in your health as well!

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