Nurture Your Emotional Connection To Life With Water Element Rituals

Let’s finish our Healing With The Elements Of Nature series with the sensual Water Element.  All beings need water for life, for nourishment, and for keeping our bodies moist, youthful, and fluid.  Besides that necessity though, we immerse ourselves in water because it helps us FEEL GOOD.  Water is physically soothing, mentally calming, emotionally expressive, and spiritually purifying.  The 3 water element rituals I will be teaching you help you experience it all!

This video series is about recognizing the elements of nature inside of us, and to address any imbalances through healing rituals. These practices are more spiritual because this is the thread that ties us to the natural world.

Aligning with nature is an important part of the modalities I offer, which is why this series is so important!  And connecting with WATER is greatly needed right now because of its strong relationship to our emotional health, for which a lot of people need help with.

Qualities Of The WATER Element

We experience the water element outside of us in nature and in our inner landscape in the following ways:

  • It is a YIN energy because it is more dense and slow (like Earth) compared to the Yang elements of FIRE & AIR which are more light and quick.
  • It is a powerful cleansing force – think of the ocean waves that wash rubbish onto the shore, how a strong rain can wash away dirt from your car.
  • And for this reason, many religions use water in rituals to symbolize inner cleansing and a renewed commitment to faith.
  • Water also symbolizes nurturing, creative energy of a mother (again, like Earth).  There’s so much life in the ocean, and evolutionary studies show how many land species came from the sea.
  • It’s our feminine, receptive, go-with-the-flow-nature of dealing with “what is”. This often requires feeling strong emotions without pushing them away.
  • Water is our emotional expression and compassionate link to humanity, other beings, and the planet.  We help each other thrive with our caring connection.
  • Water is related to giving and receiving love.

When To Work With Water Element Rituals

You’ll want to engage the water element when you’re:

  • Feeling emotionally disconnected or working through strong feelings like anger, worry, or grief.  Use water to keep them emotions and energy flowing, to process them, so they don’t get stuck in the body as stagnant energy (which can cause physical disease).
  • Wanting to develop your intuition, especially clairsentience and your empathic nature.  You need to be like water and be willing to feel before you can experience the emotions of others.
  • Cleansing yourself of old, negative energy (like fire, water is a powerful element of renewal)
  • Aging quickly (dry wrinkled skin, aching muscles and joints). You need more water to hydrate yourself, but also the energetic properties of water to fill you with more joy and ease.
  • Honoring your essence and your spiritual path. Use water like a blessing
  • Wanting to bring more joy and play into your life.  It’s the only element we purposefully connect to, to lift our mood.
  • Influenced by the astrological sun signs of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio or when the full & new moon are in those signs
  • Working with the Suit of Cups in Tarot

Remember that harnessing the power of the the elements for healing and connection is your birthright!  And there’s so many rituals and practices you can do. 

My 3 Favorite Water Element Rituals

What makes an act a ritual or practice is that it is very intentional.  You’re clear on what you’re doing and why.  And rituals are done more than once to show commitment to a desired outcome.

Here are my 3 favorite water element rituals which are super easy to incorporate into your life:

(1) Charge Drinking Water With Energy, Intention, and Blessings 

We all know that it’s a good idea to hydrate immediately upon waking in the morning. This is also a time where I like to bring in a gratitude practice and to make an intention for the day. Doing this with water is very powerful!

There are studies that words can affect water molecule structure. Simply put your intention or blessing into a glass of water as you’re holding it. Then as you’re drinking it, actually feel that your structure is changing that you are becoming more fluid and joyful. You are assimilating the qualities of water into your being (whichever ones you’re trying to build). Feel that shift is happening inside of you.

I charge the water of my energy healing clients at the end of our online sessions. It’s a way that we add power to the practice and it helps to sustain the effects of our work in between sessions. So you can have that intention as well to feel more whole and powerful. You just need to be fully receptive to this new benevolent energy in order to experience the shift!

(2) Cleansing Baths Or Float Therapy

Relax and renew in a hot bath with therapeutic grade essential oils and epsom salt.  Remember that intention is key, so state one to yourself as you’re filling the bath with water to make it more of a spiritual practice. Essential oils can change the structure of the water too as well as improving your mood and reframing beliefs. Try to bring intention into your choice of essential oils to create a certain effect. Any of the oils in the Aroma Essentials kit would be perfect to add in!

Diffusing essential oils in water combines the nurturing benefits of the EARTH and WATER elements. Smelling the oils is the quickest way to lift your mood, since the feel good chemicals go straight to the emotional aspect of the brain. Here’s more info on doTERRA essential oils, the brand I use in my healing practice. I suggest getting the Aroma Essentials starter kit if you’re ready to open your own account with me and if mood support is your main priority. You can get the kit here.

When you become a wholesale customer of mine, you’ll also get The Essential Life resource book, and goodie bag of free oils & products, and my educational support.

Now with float therapy, you may not be able to add in essential oils. But there is still quite a lot of salt which is also very therapeutic and accentuates the benefits of water. There was a time when I was doing float therapy quite a lot and LOVED it! Read “Why Float Therapy May Be The Best Holistic Practice For You” if you want to learn more.

Whether you’re soaking in a bath or in the floating room, it’s best to experience silence. This is especially important if you have a lot of stress, overwhelm or feeling a lot of negativity. Don’t bring a device into the room – no shows, music, or even pleasant audiobooks.

When you are trying to process using the element of water, we want to feel. We want to give ourselves space. Let the mind relax into the body, and then witness all the feelings that need to come out. This much harder to do if you are distracted with an external device. Commit to being fully present with yourself as you bathe and you will feel like a brand new person afterwards!

(3) Play in natural bodies of water, express joyfulness of being human. 

My last suggestion is to play in natural bodies of water to express the joyfulness of being human. Even just getting your feet wet in the water is very freeing. It helps you let loose! Connecting with the water element this way is connecting with your inner child (when play and learning about life were your priorities!) Just walking in a stream or dipping your feet in a lake is just as good as immersing your whole body in water.

If you do any water sports remember intention is key. So if you are doing a lot of swimming (even in a chlorinated pool) you are still connecting with the water element. Bring your intention into the practice to make make it feel more nourishing.

If you have access to the ocean, it is definitely more powerful. This is why I know a lot of surfers who are deeply spiritual. I actually surfed for a period of time. Check out my video on my near-death experience where I talk a lot more about that! It’s hard to sit in the ocean, in this humongous body of water, without feeling that you are connected to a powerful, benevolent energy that is holding you dearly.

Do you feel like you have a lot of WATER present within you, or do you need more to find balance? Which of these rituals do you feel most attracted to? Please let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this exploration of water element rituals!  Make sure you read all 4 articles to get a good overview of how the elements support our lives, and how you can use my recommended practices for healing. Here are the previous 3 in the order I wrote them.

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Many blessing to you!

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