Now Is The Time To Heal Your Witch Wound

Now is the time to heal your witch wound, friend.  History is repeating itself and yet this feels like the safest time to confront it.

What am I talking about?

What is a witch wound?

Do you have one if you’re not a witch or even a woman?

What are the signs that you have one and that it’s negatively impacting your life?

Why is it important to address it right now?

How do you heal it?

I hope you’ll read on or watch the video below, because this applies to everyone. I feel like I’m in a unique position to not only help you see the ethical crossroads that we’re at, but also help us move through it.  This is your chance to not only heal a deep aspect of yourself, but also create a more loving, accepting, and truly magical new world.

History Leaves Scars And Repeats Itself

We have many dark periods in our global history. Slavery, war, and so many examples of genocide have left scars on us that we acknowledge have been passed down from our ancestors, and even from past lives. Yet I feel like we’ve distanced ourselves from the Witch Hunts of the 14th through 18th centuries, when the executions of that time can be responsible for major traumatic wounds that people are still feeling today.

The reason we don’t talk about that period so much – and that many people still show fear around not just witchcraft, but natural medicine or anything alternative to mainstream scientific thought – shows that this wound is still fresh. Current events, with the effort to control Covid-19 and it’s variants, are highlighting this wound in many people.

There’s a major elephant-in-the-room example happening right now. Switch out the words “antivaxxer” or “vaccine-hesitant” with “witch” and you’ll see the parallel.

This is why I feel like now is the time to address it. Healing this wound can help us all move through this crisis. It’s is also the safest time to talk about it because of the cultural drive for inclusivity and tolerance.

Witch Wound Signs

The Burning Times affected everyone.

The “witches“: women and men who were persecuted for being healers for their families and communities. It also included groups of people who were strong, independent thinkers. They did not buy into the religious and cultural pressures of authoritarian leaders and The Church.

Those who stood by and watched the witches burn: whether they supported what was happening or not, this had to have left a mark on their consciousness

The persecutors: who probably experienced trauma prior to this. For what made them so hateful and afraid of these people that they felt they needed to die?

These ancestral memories passed down to us. How do you know that these past events have left that are scars negatively affecting your life today? Consider you have a witch wound if you feel:

  • Uncomfortable with magic, natural healing, or anything alternative to modern science and Western medicine
  • Secretive about using your healing abilities and owning your magic
  • A strong mistrust of authority figures, especially powerful men
  • Disconnected from your intuition and inner knowing
  • Afraid to speak your mind and express your emotions
  • Constantly judged for being different
  • You need to keep your social circles small
  • Constantly worried about being punished, attacked, or hurt by others (physically, mentally, emotionally)
  • You need authority figures to control your life
  • Unable to care for your family and always defer to doctors and those you believe are smarter than you

In short, the “Burning Times” have made people question their connection with Source and Nature. It’s diminished our personal power.

How Do You Heal Your Witch Wound?

Having awareness around the witch wound is the first step in healing this past trauma. Think about what I’ve mentioned above and how it relates to what’s happening in your life and in the world. Perhaps then you can start making more powerful choices? It might be easier to take action, knowing that others are dealing with it too.

Other things you can explore to build up this power again:

Shamanic healing – Connect with your spiritual support team to build confidence and protection. This can also help you reclaim your right to view life as magical in a healthy and safe way. Details on my Shamanic Healing program here.

Bring it to light – Talk about the witch wound with family or your circle of friends. It will be interesting to hear what they think . Can you all agree that you can disagree? It should feel safe for everyone to speak their mind.

Stand up for others – Call it out when you see someone judged harshly, segregated, or oppressed. There is never any justification for it. Speaking up now will help heal the wound of ancestors who watched witches burn from the crowd.

This was a very tough article to write. I’ve been very vocal in the medical freedom movement and have been seeing this parallel in theme for some time. However, until this last year, there were still aspects of myself that I kept hidden. I’m more open about my healing abilities now, and am not afraid of judgement around it. There are still layers I need to unpack, I’m sure. But I hope my courage in writing this inspires you to dig deeper into this subject too.

If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments below! I would love to have a respectful discussion if you disagree too. Well wishes friends…

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