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Everyone desires beautiful skin!  Few have escaped the embarrassment of acne and blemishes. Many moms have experienced concern for their kids with rashes and eczema. As we age, and particularly in Autumn & Winter, we experience more dry, wrinkle-prone skin.   I’ve experienced and overcome all of those conditions.  Therefore, I’m thrilled to share my natural secrets for clear skin with you, while boosting your health & confidence!

In the Western Medicine approach to skin conditions, the focus is on treating the skin itself, oftentimes with harsh products that have many undesirable side effects. Many of these have questionable safety profiles and can damage other aspects of your health. 

Wouldn’t you rather get to the root of your skin issue and experience benefits only?  You’ll get that with a natural approach to skin health.  Want to know the secret?

The secret to having beautiful skin is to achieve health inside the body.

If you cleanse and support your body internally, you will see more positive results externally, because the skin is simply a reflection of what’s going on inside.

I’m not wearing any makeup at all in the picture above. I did use a soft-focus filter to make the tint more appealing for this post, but did not touch it up. My skin is not perfect, I still have wrinkles, scars, and monthly pimples.  It is tremendously better at 45 years old than it was in my 20’s though!

Back then my system was flooded with hormones from the birth control pills and low quality animal products I was consuming. My gut health was a mess. Later on I would develop an autoimmune condition because of it. It took me over a decade to gain all the knowledge I have today. In the process, I’ve healed myself from the inside. This skin, that I’m now proud to show off, is a natural byproduct of my efforts.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Skin Health

In TCM, it’s known that any skin issue is due to an imbalance of energy in the Lung & Large intestine paired organs and the channels that traverse them. We’re considered microcosms of nature and can be affected by the same elements we experience in our environment. When a rash, eczema or acne vents to the skin, it’s usually “damp heat” in these channels. Dryness of the skin is “dryness” in these channels. Oftentimes imbalances of other organs/channels can affect the Lung & Large Intestine as well, particularly the Stomach, Spleen, and Liver.

The etiology is often poor diet, overwork, and emotional imbalance. Treatment is focused on balancing the diet with support of appropriate herbs, acupuncture, and managing stress.  It’s essential that the large intestine energy is moving, meaning that you’re having daily, well-formed bowel movements.  This way, you’re clearing your body of “heat and toxins” through the bowels and not just the skin.

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Natural Steps to Achieve Clear Skin from the Inside


Plump, moist skin is reflective of hydrated cells.  You’ll want to make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, which should total half your body weight in ounces (eg. if you’re 160 lbs, you’ll drink 80 oz. of water).  Try to have much of it first things in the morning upon waking, so you’ll prime your digestion and hopefully poop.

Sweat to Detox

Toxins are released from the body through the pores of our skin as we sweat.  This is best done with exercise so you’re benefiting the lungs too with the exertion.  You only need to do enough to break a sweat, as you don’t want it pouring out, dehydrating you!  

Sweating in saunas and hot baths can also help free the body and benefit the skin.  Just be sure to have clean skin before you sweat.  If you’re wearing makeup or sunscreen, they can clog your pores, reducing the potential of detoxing through the skin.

Heal the Gut

Similar to the TCM approach, modern functional medicine also advises that you focus on gut health first when wanting to improve your skin. They recognize that the liver has a huge role to play as well. When it’s overburdened with pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, xenoestrogens from conventional personal care products, cortisol from stress, and excess of sex hormones, it becomes overburdened and sluggish. This can greatly impair digestive function.

Also, many of these same substances (including stress and too much sugar!) can damage beneficial bacteria in the gut. Without their defense, “bad” bacteria take over, making it more difficult to digest your favorite foods and causing inflammation. This inflammation vents to the skin.I always suggest doing an elimination diet which will help you identify any food intolerances and will also give you time to detox. If you follow this diet for 90 days, you’ll be giving your gut ample time to turnover damaged cells for healthy ones which may be enough to heal the intolerance.

Read these posts to learn more about how gut health is impaired and how to improve it:

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I suggest this program when embarking on an elimination diet. I’ve done it a few times with great success:

The Elimination Diet

If you need even more structure, I recommend this program from Standard Process which includes some whole food supplements and a shake. If you’re interested, contact me for a consultation and I can help you get it:

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Essential Oils & Natural Products for Beautiful Skin

Cleansing the skin is still important on the outside, but we need to be careful because there are beneficial bacteria on the surface of the skin as well. I suggest always opting for natural products that can improve skin tone without stripping the skin of this important defense.

I am very particular about the essential oils I use.  I’ve aligned with one company because of their commitment to quality and purity. They are also making a huge impact integrating into and improving health care in this country while supporting global communities where these oils are sourced.

Best Essential Oils for Skin:






My Favorite Products:

HD Clear (great for teens!)

Verage skin care

Detoxifying mud mask

Hydrating Cream


I hope you’re feeling hopeful about treating your skin issues with a natural, inside-out approach. I’d love to hear about your efforts in the comments! Please leave a comment below.

As you just learned, managing stress is key to keeping the gut and skin healthy! Download my FREE self-acupressure guide to stay ahead of the effects of stress, before they impact your gut and skin. You can get it here:

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