Mood Lifting Essential Oils for the Blues

Feeling low?  Apathetic?  Uninspired?  Aromatherapy can be a safe and effective form of natural medicine that will help you feel better quick.  Read on and watch the video below to learn which mood lifting essential oils will help you fight the blues and support holistic wellness.

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How Essential Oils Affect Emotions and Mood

Emotions are actually information carrying molecules that bind to cell receptors in the brain and throughout the body.  There’s three places where this neurological processing occurs: the mind, the heart and the gut.

mind heart gut emotions

Here’s some interesting facts that you may not know:

The great majority of the processing that occurs in the mind is subconscious!  And most of the neurological pathways go from the heart to the mind – not the other way around.  Also, 90% of the feel-good chemicals like serotonin reside in the gut.

When we’re feeling down, at least one of these areas is not being fed sufficiently.  In addition to feeling anxious or depressed, we might also have head tension, confusion, apathy, lack of compassion, and painful, irregular digestion.

Essential oils, similar to emotions, are also information carrying molecules that bind to cell receptors in the brain and throughout the body. They balance the emotional responses in the brain, heart, and gut, allowing us to function better on all levels in life.

It’s simply biochemistry! Though everyone is different, in general these are the essential oils that match up with the emotions we’re trying to create, based on their chemical makeup.

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My 4 Favorite Mood Lifting Essential Oils

There are four main essential oils and blends that I turn to whenever I’m needing a shift in mood and perspective. These are what I diffuse in my yoga classes and use on clients too, with fabulous results.

1. Lime Essential Oil

Lime essential oil

2. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil

3. Elevation Blend Essential Oil

Elevation blend essential oil

4. Adaptiv Blend Essential Oil

Adaptiv blend essential oil

How to Use Essential Oils to Improve Your Mood

The quickest way to affect your mood with essential oils is by smelling them. When we experience an aroma, it’s perceived by the limbic area of the brain which is the oldest part of the brain. It’s also the place where we hold emotions and memories. So this is the place where we need to make a shift.

Experience essential oils aromatically by:

  • smelling directly from the bottle
  • putting 1-2 drops in your hands, rubbing them together before smelling them
  • using an essential oil diffuser (extends the experience for 1-12 hrs depending on the settings)
  • using diffuser jewelry like lava stone pendents (lasts 1-2 days)

Of course essential oils can’t take away the challenging experiences we face in life. But they do help us respond to grief, anxiety, and stress with grace and with the awareness that the intensity of the feelings will pass.

If you’re experiencing severe depression, it’s wise to seek the help of a medical doctor. Essential oils can always help, but in extreme cases, you’ll likely need more support.

You should also know that there’s a huge difference of quality among essential oils on the market. It’s important that you use a brand you trust. I only use and recommend dōTERRA Essential Oils since their commitment to quality and purity is unmatched in the industry. If you use lower quality essential oils, which are often synthetic or diluted with alcohol, you will not get the same results managing your emotional health.

I hope that you’re feeling more confident about using essential oils for uplifting your mood! I would love to know if you’re already using essential oils for emotional support or if you are eager to try what I’ve shared with you here. Please comment below with the oils that you find most useful. Well wishes to you…

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