Meditative Yoga for Stiffness: Starting Your Morning with Ease

Do you feel achy and stiff every morning too?  Sometimes I wake up sore because of the way I slept. Certainly diet and age play a part in this physical discomfort too.  But oftentimes it’s the result of  emotional and mental stress that I experienced days before.  If you’re like me, then it’s important for you to relieve this pain as soon as you notice it.  You don’t want to carry it into the rest of your day! Check out this Meditative Yoga for Stiffness video which guides you to release tension consciously, mindfully addressing the root of pain and discomfort.

Remember that it’s the approach to your yoga practice that enables it to transform your body, heart, and mind.  Please let yourself have a deeper experience and prioritize your breathing, which brings more life to your being.

To prepare for the practice, make sure you’re well hydrated and are wearing comfortable clothes.  A sticky mat, two blocks, and a strap are helpful.  If you’d like to include acupressure in with your session, you can download my stress-relieving acupressure guide.  These acupressure points are also great to use in the evening before bed which can also help avoid stiffness first thing in the morning.

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self acupressure guide

Meditative Morning Yoga Practice

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I hope you enjoyed this guided Meditative Yoga for Stiffness video. Please let me know how it felt for you by leaving a comment here or on YouTube. Also, let me know if you’d like to see more yoga videos in the future, in addition to my other holistic wellness ones. Well wishes to you…

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