Keys To Releasing Negative Energy and Beings From Your Life

When you recognize that you’re being affected by negative people, emotions, and even negative spiritual influences – it’s natural to want to clear them out of your life immediately to bring in good fortune, positive energy, and peace. There are many rituals and practices that you can do to initiate that change. In my experience though, they don’t always work! The negative energy may linger or come back. Releasing negative energy is not complete until you address a few key points first. I am eager to share them with you here so that you can bring more positivity into your life right now.

How To Clear Negative Energy From Your Body And Home

The subject of negative energy and how to release it has been coming up quite a lot in my healing practice. I’ve done work with clients to cut cords with people who are having a negative influence in their life. I’ve even had a few opportunities for shamanic psychopomp work where I’ve cleared spiritual entities from their homes.

I have a feeling that there’s many of you who will appreciate this advice! It’s definitely interesting to me too so let’s get into it…

There’s three main keys we’ll go over on how to release negative energy from your body, from your energy field, from your space/house, and from your life. After I go through these key points I’ll share some easy practices that you can do to help with this release (which is icing on the cake – these three points are much of the work).

1. Understand What Is Attracting The Negative Energy

Like attracts like.

So negative energy is usually attracted to negative energy.

The word “negative” of course is subjective, but generally it’s unpleasant experiences where there may be:

  • disempowering relationships
  • feelings of dread
  • emotional distress
  • bad luck or misfortune
  • violence and traumatic experiences
  • nightmares or recurring dreams

The common theme to all these experiences is feeling low vibration emotions that become part of our personality (where we may not even notice it). We are constantly dipping into fear, guilt, anger, or shame. We may feel like we have no power or control in our lives and that these things are simply happening to us.

It’s very, very important to recognize that the energy we perceive is all about resonance.

Even though the negative energy is uncomfortable, we are resonating with these experiences. I talked about this quite a lot in the post How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency And Improve Your Life.

If you’re experiencing something negative and unpleasant in your outer world, chances are that there is a reflection of that happening in your inner world that is attracting it in, leaving you vulnerable.

It’s important to do some soul searching to figure out a couple of things:

  1. Learn why you’re aligned with this negative energy and these lower vibration emotions so you can then consciously shift out of that state.
  2. Build up your personal power and establish firm boundaries.

If you don’t know how to do either of these please get help! This is what I do, so please reach out if you need my support.

2. The Intention To Release Needs To Be Sincere

You really need to want to release this negative energy.

Some people may get really defensive about this when asked if they are keeping it around for a reason, saying something like…

“Of course I don’t want this negative energy in my life! Why would I ever call this in?!”

Subconsciously though, it can be serving you.

You may actually be benefiting from having this influence in your life.

Is it because you’re getting attention? Maybe you like the concern that you’re getting from other people as you’re bringing this up

Is it that you’re needing someone or something to blame for your current situation? Sometimes we use negative energy and people as scapegoats in order to avoid doing the work on ourselves.

If this negative energy has been around you for awhile it’s likely very familiar to you. Sometimes it can feel like you don’t know what life would be like without it! So there may also be some grief around releasing this energy completely – especially if it’s related to people. Maybe this energy is keeping you connected to an ex-lover a family member, for example, and you don’t want to remove them from your life.

Releasing negative people doesn’t mean that we’re not able to love them anymore or even look fondly on the time when we were together. It’s more about establishing a boundary now and saying…

“No! I don’t want to have this experience anymore! I want to change the relationship.”

You’ll need to be open to whatever change is going to come as you’re now calling in more positive energy, even if this means that people drop out of your life.

If this intention is not sincere, the energy and people will stay or come back. This is true no matter how much work you’re doing with the energy clearing rituals and practices I’ve listed below. Even doing deeper shamanic work – there’s only so much practitioners can do for you if you’re subconsciously wanting to keep the negative energy around.

3. Remove Negative Energy Compassionately

We need to see the process of releasing negative energy from a different vantage point, from a higher vibrational perspective and an open loving state of heart and mind.

Honestly, I don’t even like talking about these polarities of negativity and positivity so much. Of course we experience both all the time in this human life!

Since our outer world is related to our inner world when we’re talking about good and bad then we’re also reflecting on how we are on the inside. And I don’t think it is helpful to label ourselves as negative because this also leads to feeling that there’s something wrong with us. We may even start using language like “bad”, “evil” or even “sinful” which is supported by outside influences and their negative programming.

Instead I think it’s more helpful to reflect on what you want to experience. You don’t want to be in a state of fear, guilt, anger, helplessness, and shame. You want to have more power and control in your life! That should be your motivation for making these changes!

It’s helpful to actually think of yourself as moving into an expanded state. Move from a contracted, more egoic one where you’re worried about your problems to expanding out to more positive possibilities.

You can see light best in a dark room!

The darkness of this negative energy is helping you see what you want more of – to be light and love. The more you experience these higher vibrational states you’re going to be attracting in more of that energy. But there needs to be a sincere desire to move into these higher states which is done by developing more compassion.

Here’s an example that may be interesting to you with my shamanic healing work:

I’ve been doing shamanic psychopomp work for the six years I’ve been studying it. It’s one of my favorite modalities in the system! This is where we help earthbound spirits transition to the Otherworlds where their souls can be at peace.

Earthbound spirits may be felt as “foreign” or even “negative” energy in our space and even a little intrusive. They may also be attracted to us for a particular reason. To help them transition, I connect with these spirits, help them understand what is going on, and ask if I can help them cross.

Psychopomp is compassionate work! I could never do this if I was afraid of connecting with them or doing it in an aggressive way, like banishing them.

I’m mentioning it here because in our ignorance of the spirit world we may assume that unseen spirits are all negative and bad, which is not true. They are simply in the wrong place, and again, there is a resonance between you and them.

So this is another example of how to shift this energy compassionately. I have just as much interest in the well-being of these spirits transitioning as I do with the person I’m helping to clear their space here in this ordinary reality. The compassion piece to the process is what makes it so effective.

Methods For Clearing Negative Energy

Once you have these three keys down and have done this inner work to really shift your vibration, then you can start to do these effective energy clearings methods:

  • Diffuse your space or anoint your body with essential oils (Frankincense, Lemongrass, and Tea Tree are my favorites for clearing negative energy).
  • Use crystals to repel negative energy (hematite, jade, serpentine, beryl, jasper, obsidian, quartz).
  • Smudge with sage or palo santo, burning these herbs to purify your energy field and the space around you.
  • Calling in angels and your spirit guides to help protect you.
  • Cord cutting your energy from negative people and influences (we did this in my Free Your Authenticity Challenge and you can check out that video hereI suggest you do the whole challenge which will help build your personal power!)
  • Getting routine Ahai energy healing sessions.
For more information on getting high quality, high vibration essential oils, visit my essential oil webpage and contact me if you need help purchasing.

I hope this information helps you see negative energy from a different perspective so you can clear it from your life for good, or at least help you experience less of it.

The main point is – you are very much in control here!

If you have questions or personal experiences to share, please leave a comment below. Thank you so much for reading friend…well wishes!

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