June 2023 Energy Update & Divination Tarot Card Reading: Guiding You Out Of Confusion

It’s here! The June 2023 energy update is ready to view.

After last month and a few previous having very similar themes (lots of death & rebirth!), this month is totally different.

High-energy June comes with the following challenges/opportunities:
You may need to detangle your energy from others, assess whether you’re playing a victim, and learn how to synthesize your energy instead to feel whole and free. 
I go over what this means in detail and a whole lot more that came up, in the reading.

Check it out here!

–> Energy Update June 2023 and Divination Tarot Card Reading

I’d love to hear what you think about this message and what the June energy is manifesting through you! Please leave a comment here or on YouTube

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

june 2023 energy update and divination tarot card reading
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