Intuitive, Psychic Guidance And Divination As Reliable Healing Tools

When I bring up intuition, psychic guidance, and divination I know that people automatically think about fortune telling.  So they would be pretty confused about this title! 

What does intuition have to do with the healing arts? I will clear up any confusion in this post! 

Intuitive, psychic guidance and divination is a reliable way to receive wisdom that nurtures your spirit and supports you on every level.

What’s The Difference Between Intuition, Psychic Guidance, and Divination?

Intuition and Psychic Messages

Being intuitive or having psychic abilities, in my understanding, is one and the same. We all have these abilities. It’s just that some people take the time to develop it more and value it as wisdom.

I have been into psychic development since my mid-20’s, so a long time ago. My Tae Kwon Do teacher invited me to an exclusive group where we practiced intuitive techniques and readings. Over the years since then, I’ve explored many other teachers and programs. With the awareness gained through yoga, meditation, and Qigong – my abilities have become even stronger.

Intuition is soul-level communication with:

  • your Higher Self (you enlightened nature)
  • God, Divine higher consciousness, Universal Spirit
  • Spirits of ascended masters, angels, power animals
  • Deceased loved ones

The veil between our ordinary reality here and the spirit world is very, very thin.

Yes, it is also possible to be communicating with less evolved or even malevolent beings. This is something many people worry about and why they are turned off by intuitive readings. However, we’re having these soul conversations all the time. You can be influenced by malevolent or benevolent beings without even realizing it in your daily life (not in psychic readings!)

What keeps this from happening is not avoiding psychic guidance, it’s by changing our hearts. Typically we connect to the spirits on the same level as us. If we’re brimming with love and peace in our hearts, the connection is positive. If we’re consumed by fear, chances are the connection we make will be less helpful.

Consciously developing your intuition and psychic abilities with benevolent intentions and working with practitioners who do the same, helps us discern which messages are helpful and true.

Divination Methods and Tools

Divination is our ability to connect in with a higher source and higher power. It’s the method we use to do this type of communication.

Popular divination techniques and tools are:

  • oracle or tarot cards
  • using a pendulum
  • scrying in smoke, water, or crystal balls
  • shamanic stone reading
  • shamanic journeying
  • muscle testing
  • palm reading

I love to use oracle/tarot cards, my pendulum, shamanic stone reading, shamanic journeying, and occasionally muscle testing in my private life and with my healing services. Shamanic stone reading and journeys are my favorite since the messages come in most clear for me.

With shamanic stone reading, you can connect with the spirit of this stone by looking at it in an altered consciousness (listening to monotonous drumming or rattling to bring the mind into an alpha trance state). Once in a trance, you can pick up any messages that might be coming through. Another way, is to simply hold the stone and to connect in with your beneficial helping spirits. Pay attention to the messages that drop into your mind.

Shamanic journeys, in themselves, are a form of divination. We travel to the “Otherworld” reality to connect in with our power animal spirits, ascended masters, angels, etc. These spirits provide wisdom as to how we can solve a problem in our lives and they actively participate in shamanic healing methods.

What’s The Role Of Intuition, Psychic Guidance and Divination as Healing Tools?

Psychic guidance, intuition, and divination can all be used for health. They can all be used for holistic healing. This means, helping your body heart mind or spirit to be more whole and connected. All of these divination methods provide you with the right wisdom, the right medicine, for you to create balance on all levels of your being.

It’s good to have this spiritual perspective on your issue. Oftentimes, there are spiritual and emotional roots to common health conditions. If you are just focusing on blood testing and western medicine, then you are constantly just in the mind and body. There is a “block” that prevents you from opening up to greater ways of helping yourself.

But even if you have really sharp intuition – even if you are super talented in divination – you may still have blind spots about your current situation. So, it’s always helpful to have a practitioner that you can turn to who can do these methods for you. Working with these practitioners can give you truly objective guidance.

How To Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities

It’s a great idea to develop your intuition, psychic abilities and explore divination on your own. This is part of your authentic spiritual nature!

Developing your intuition breeds:

  • more confidence
  • greater self-worth
  • trust of your inner guidance
  • a stronger connection with your spiritual nature & The Divine

Having a really strong meditation and self-awareness practice is going to get you there, eventually.

In my free facebook group Falcon Healing Circle we explore meditation and other methods where you can develop your intuition. You can check that out if you’re interested in joining us.

If you want to speed up the process of unlocking your intuitive gifts, work with a teacher who specializes in this. I have had several really good teachers.

Right now I highly Christina Rice’s Psychic Development program. Check it out HERE and use my special code FHAPD if you would like $100 off!

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She’s a really good teacher and the program is extremely thorough. You’ll learn how to develop your extra sensory perception (clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience). This was my favorite part! She teaches a lot about discernment and energetic protection to make sure that the connection you’re getting is positive and strong. I love that this is a self-paced program. You can do it in your own timing and you have lifetime access to it.

I hope this has been interesting for you! I’m curious to hear if you use any divination tools or have worked with an intuitive/psychic practitioner. If you have more questions about intuition, psychic development, divination, and healing please put them in the comments below. Please share this article with a friend who can use this helpful advice!

Well wishes to you…

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Use code FHAPD at checkout to get $100 off!

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