Inspired Aging As A Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone Archetype

Hello friends, Brandy here with Falcon Healing Arts.  Welcome back to my channel!  I’ve been looking forward to doing this video for awhile, about the stages of a woman’s life, how we can find power in each, which will grow with us as we age.  And to explore this, we’re going deep with the triple goddess archetypes of Maiden, Mother, and Crone – to learn how to embody these goddess stages for inspired aging.

I talked about this recently on Andrea Claassen’s Peaceful Power podcast.  (Watch the episode here, it was so good!) But there was so much more that I wanted to say about inspired aging! So I’m taking this opportunity to do it now. 

Also, I am just a few days away from turning 50 years old.  I am experiencing perimenopause and starting to miss periods, so I’m very aware that I am moving from the Mother to Crone stage.  I’ve been reflecting a lot on this and am actually excited about the transition.  What I share here may be helpful for some of you who are having a difficult time dealing with aging.

Let’s talk about fully embodying the Triple Goddess so that you experience inspired aging as you move from stage to stage in your long, fulfilling life.

Inspired Aging As Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess is depicted as the symbol of a waxing crescent moon, full moon, and waning crescent moon.

The Maiden is the waxing crescent moon, as this is the beginning of her life with energy building as she matures.

The Mother is the full moon, at full maturity.  Each month she fills with blood in preparation for fertilization and either grows a baby or releases the blood to start anew.

The Crone is the waning moon, when she can no longer hold another life inside of her.  The energy is lessening, releasing, and provides a period of rest and reflection before death & rebirth.

Triple goddess energy maiden mother crone archetype
Morgan Le Faye as a Triple Goddess painted by Hranto Janto for Amy Sophia Marishinsky’s Goddess Oracle.

Before I go through these stages in much more detail, I want to emphasize that all are equally important.  There’s beauty in each, as well as the lessons.  In our culture there is an imbalance here of what stage is valued.  Some women may have issues with one stage more than another. 

It’s important that every woman learn about all these aspects of themselves as a triple goddess, because the experience of each brings a cumulative sense of satisfaction and completion in ones life which is so important to enjoy it fully. This is what inspired aging is all about.

Let’s dive in deeper…

Maiden, Mother, Crone Archetype Blessings and Lessons

Maiden Goddess Archetype

The Maiden is a young girl blossoming into womanhood.  Typically the word Maiden means a girl who is not married yet, or a virgin.  But of course this also has to do with age, since there are some women who never marry or remain virgins. The Maiden is in her 20s or younger. 

Maiden goddess
Eostre as The Maiden archetype, painted by Hranto Janto for Amy Sophia Marishinsky’s Goddess Oracle.

The Maiden is blessed with:

  • Very few responsibilities
  • A natural curiosity about life
  • Time to learn about and explore innate gifts
  • Playfulness
  • A very carefree attitude
  • Youthful beauty and a supple body

Because they’re learning about life, and some maidens are very naive, this can be a very painful time.  They may be taken advantage of, there may be confusion about how their bodies are developing which can lead to body dysmorphic disorder (an emotional & spiritual issue), they may learn tough lessons about relationships & boundaries, around money, and their worth in the world.  This stage in a woman’s life shapes her confidence and self-esteem.

Reader, if you are beyond the maiden years, know that all of this still applies to you!  This is what I mean about these stages being cumulative.  You have the experience of The Maiden inside of you. 

If you never fully embodied her in your youth, or you are still having issues with self-esteem, boundaries and other lessons that should have been learned at that time, it’s okay.  You can always go back and heal that part of yourself.  But it requires a willingness to confront the discomfort and pain there. 

I do inner child healing with just about all of my clients who are experiencing disempowerment, often times with a Shamanic Soul Retrieval too (not just women, even men), and it is very effective in building back power.

Mother Goddess Archetype

The Mother is of the age to have a child. But she doesn’t need to actually have a child to be in touch with this energy since she can embody it with all her relationships.

The Mother goddess
Isis as The Mother archetype. Painted by Hranto Janto for Amy Sophia Marishinsky’s Goddess Oracle

The Mother is blessed with:

  • Emotional maturity
  • The capacity to care for herself and others
  • Connection with her body, and desire to intimately share it with others
  • Ability to conceive and carry a baby
  • An open, loving heart
  • Passion to create from the heart strong relationships, projects/businesses
  • Strong, extremely protective energy

There are so many lessons that The Mother experiences! She needs to ask for help and risks exhaustion otherwise.  She may doubt her ability to care for her kids, giving power away to authority figures, thinking they know more than she does (completely untrue!). This may affect her ability to protect her children’s physical, mental, and emotional health.  There’s also pressure for women to parent in a socially acceptable way.

Again, even if you don’t have human kids, you may still have issues of overextending your energy and giving away your power to others. This is a time to stand strong in your values. This is when you create and build a legacy.

I have become more powerful in this stage of my life because my values were clearly defined. I was confident confronting authority figures, which many mothers cannot do. Parenting in a counter-culture way (not popular in the San Francisco Bay Area!), it was still possible for me to feel good about doing things differently.

Crone Goddess Archetype

A crone is a woman who has stopped menstruating and is in menopause.  She can no longer hold life inside of her.  Her children grow and leave the home, and this frees her up to focus on whatever brings her joy.

The Crone goddess
Hestia as The Crone archetype. Painted by Hranto Janto for Amy Sophia Marishinsky’s Goddess Oracle.

The Crone is blessed with:

  • More time to be alone and to reflect on her life
  • The ability to care for her grandchildren
  • Wisdom to share with others, to help them avoid the mistakes that she’s made or to inform people of our history to make sure the bad stuff isn’t repeated 
  • Authority and inspiration that comes with living this wisdom
  • Satisfaction with her life and courage to meet death when the time comes
  • Understanding that she’s made a huge impact on the world and her legacy lives on

Now, because so many women experience power loss in the Maiden and Mother years that is never recovered, it’s quite common to see women having a lot of difficulty in their Crone years. 

They may fall into depression after the kids leave, they may never have connected fully with their body and it may be harder to care for.  Many lose confidence as their looks change.  They may feel insignificant compared to younger women.  They may be intimidated by a constantly evolving world and reluctant to change with it for fear that they will never know enough. 

This can all make some women fade in the later years of their lives and not fully experience their potential which is to actually be more prominent as a guide in the community.  Again, like the other stages, it’s not too late to heal!  But there may be more to heal.

Inner Healing And Graceful Aging With The Triple Goddess

It bears repeating, as we age, we can tap into all of our previous Triple Goddess stages.  It is not linear and fixed.  At any time we can…

Play like The Maiden

Love like The Mother

Think like The Crone

Together, The Maiden, Mother, and Crone archetypes help you embody The Divine Feminine.  It’s what connects to to other women and helps you be a pivotal force in the world for all beings.

quote about inspired aging with triple goddess energy

I hope you enjoyed this deep dive into the Triple Goddess Energy and feel clear on the Maiden, Mother, Crone archetypes.  Does this make you feel more empowered, at peace with your current stage and excited about inspired aging?

I hope so!  Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear what you think.

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Wishing you all much love and peace…

Inspired aging with the triple goddess energy
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