Human Design Chart Readings: Unique Guidance For A Joyful Life

Have you heard of Human Design yet?  Maybe it’s just my circles, but everyone I know in the wellness space is fascinated by this wonderful system that helps us live a most satisfying life!  It’s popular for good reason, so I’m excited to be the one to introduce you to it if this is all new.  The Human Design Chart Readings I offer can be just a stand-alone session or it can be an introductory way that we work together.  Having this information is really really helpful in any capacity.  It can definitely help you in your wellness journey, and also helping you live with intention to create a life that flows with ease.

What Is Human Design?

Human Design is a blueprint. It is a map that can help you live your best life! We use your basic birth information – your birth place, date, and time. With that information we create a chart or even a mandala that we can look at which can guide you.

The Human Design Chart is a combination of Astrology, the Kabbalah, the Chakra system, and the I Ching. The information provided with all of this very expansive. It’s really exciting to learn more about yourself just like when you learn about your astrology sign or enneagram. I found that Human Design is much more broad because of all of these systems that we’re bringing together.

How Can Human Design Help You?

It could take quite a while to really dig deep into who you are, who you’re supposed to be, and what your path is in this world through Human Design. But there is basic information that’s helpful right away.

In my opinion I find that the information I’m getting from a Human Design chart is more applicable to everyday living. You learn how to:

  • use your energy based on your unique type
  • how to make the best decisions
  • what your learning style is
  • how you digest food and information
  • the best conditions for sleep
  • navigate your relationships (if you have the Human Design information for other people who are close to you)

What I’ve Gained From Living My Design

Human Design has helped me in all of those ways listed above. But what I appreciate about it personally is how it has helped me not only just make healthy habits for myself, but also establish a good personal, work, and home life balance. It has helped considerably with my role as a homeschooling mom.

What human design is essentially teaching us is that we can be different. We can be unique. It helps us see HOW we are unique and really gives us permission to follow how we are designed.

Of course when we’re talking about homeschooling that is very counter to everything that we have been taught! I’ve shared here before about my homeschooling journey with my son. I had to come to terms with being an “unschooling mom”. This means that we do things very differently than even other homeschoolers.

What I’ve learned about my son’s Human Design is that he has a very open, receptive way to learning. He can just walk into a room and absorb things. He doesn’t need to sit down and focus the way that kids do in school. As a Manifesting Generator, he has a lot of energy. He flits from one subject to another very quickly. Now that I know this, it’s very validating and helps me feel much closer to him and solid about about our decision.

This is just one example of many, how this has been so helpful for me in my life. It has also helped me with clients. I can educate them on ways that they can make changes, which were not as apparent with just our Chinese Medicine or Energy Healing work alone.

Details About Your Human Design Chart Reading Session

After you purchase a reading with me, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment. We’ll get your birth information so I can start working on your chart immediately. I need a couple of days to process and organize this information. Then we’ll have a meeting over video on Zoom. This is a 75 minute session where we go over your chart in detail and of course there is time for questions throughout.

The main points I cover in a Human Design Readings are your:

  • Type – How you are one of five main types there are Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. You are one of those amazing human design types we’ll talk about what that means.
  • Aura – What is attractive about you to other people.
  • Authority – The aspect of yourself that you listen to in order to make changes and decisions
  • Strategy – How you stay on track on your life path
  • Self/Not Self Themes – How to know if you are on this path or not and help you make those adjustments to get back on it
  • Profile – your personality; strengths, weaknesses, what you need to know to understand yourself better
  • Incarnation Cross – a more advanced aspect of your Human Design chart this is typically not part of introductory readings.

The Incarnation Cross was done with me when I received my first Human Design reading. I found it so enlightening! Mine is the Left Angle Cross of the Clarion which states:

“The energy of your Cross is to bring shock and create the potential for change for those who are ready. This does not mean that people on the receiving end won’t react with a gasp or ”how could you?” On a deeper level, they have been waiting for the shock to move them to change. This is just energy at work, and your shock needs a receptor. The energy will naturally guide you to those who at some level are ready for the shock to make change and move on.”

Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu

This is what I am all about here with Falcon Healing Arts! And when I heard this information, I admit that I cried a little.

Are You Ready To Live Your Human Design?

What you discover about yourself through any of the approaches to wellness I offer in healing sessions can be shocking. But usually a strong reaction is necessary to make a real transformational shift. A Human Design Reading can be part of this shift for you, a true wake-up call for change.

I would love to give you a Human Design reading and to learn more about you! Sign up soon for a reading if you want to start living your unique design today!

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