How To Spiritually Mature And Activate Your Divine Masculine Energy

Do you want to experience more wholeness in your life? Do you want more depth and wisdom to carry through everything you do? Balancing your masculine and feminine energy is key if you want to develop spiritual maturity. We’ve already talked here about how to embrace your Divine Feminine. Now let’s get into the specifics of your Divine Masculine energy, and how activating it can drastically improve your life.

In the last post, I talked about the importance of constantly assessing where you are on the spectrum of masculine and feminine energy – especially when you’re dealing with something challenging. Because once you see where you’re out of balance, it’s easier to move over to the energy that will be most helpful to develop. So definitely look back on that post and video since I’m not going to touch on those details as much here.

The Problem I See The Most With Wounded Masculine Energy

I will remind us all though that we all have masculine and feminine energy regardless of our sex and gender. And when we’re too far on one side or when we see either energy as bad – that generally means we’re in a wounded state and misunderstanding what the Divine aspects are.

We often see this reluctance to intentionally activate our masculine nature in our culture (United States) since people associate masculine energy with toxic masculinity. Again, since it’s mostly women who are reading this, I want to mention that I believe this is the shadow side of feminism which has negatively affected our attitude toward strong men, holding our partners to high standards, and providing our children with healthy male role models. But what many women don’t see is that when they’re attacking masculinity & the patriachy, they’re actually in both their wounded feminine (victimhood) and wounded masculine (the fighting and attacking).

So it’s important to keep that in mind as we continue. What we’re trying to achieve is the Divine state of both Masculine and Feminine energy which is where we experience more peace, love, and understanding in our lives.

How do you do this?

Recognize Wounded Masculine vs. Divine Masculine Energy

First, like I mentioned for the Divine Feminine, you need to honestly reflect on how you’re showing up energetically.  What is YOUR part in the conflict you’re experiencing and how can YOU change. You have complete control over your energy.

These descriptions of masculine energy will help you see if you are in a wounded or divine state.

Wounded Masculine Energy:

  • Agressive
  • Easily offended
  • Aligned with Ego
  • Defensive – making up excuses to protect Ego
  • Overly competitive
  • Success driven – image matters
  • Materialistic
  • Selfish
  • Withdrawn emotions – not sharing your heart, others don’t deserve access to you
  • Stuck in mind
  • Refuses help
  • Spiritually disconnected

Divine Masculine Energy:

  • Encouraging
  • Protects & guides
  • Inspired action
  • Clear communication
  • Responsible
  • Expanded vision
  • Aligned work
  • Spiritual purpose
  • Honest & humble
  • Uplifting strength
  • Expresses emotions
  • Disciplined & driven

In the video above, I talk how I was constantly in a wounded masculine state as a child and teenager. It may have had something to do with not having a father in the home. Men usually do carry the masculine energy with two heterosexual parents. I had a single mom who had to hold both feminine & masculine. And I think all of us ended up being way too much in the masculine in an attempt to balance. It was an overcorrection. Now I’m learning in my marriage and as a mom how I need to let that go and let my husband lead more. It comfortable for everyone that way.

I also share in the video about a recent experience I had where I needed to be in my Divine Masculine. It was a difficult situation, and I took charge as a leader, handling it in a very calm, mature way.

I really suggest you do the same as what I’m doing with you here to become more comfortable with masculine energy. Think of times when you were in a wounded state. How did that work out for you. Think of times you were in your Divine Masculine energy. How did that work out? When you become more familiar with it, it will be easier for you to tap into it when needed.

Find Role Models For Divine Masculine Energy

Next, I recommend that you find role models of both men and women who have healthy, Divine Masculine energy. Like I mentioned for Divine Feminine, these figures do not have to be family and friends. They can be social or historical figures, archetypes. The Divine Masculine is a born leader but does so compassionately in a way that makes everyone involved feel included and valued.

Oftentimes when we need to heal our wounded masculine it means that we don’t have a strong spiritual connection. It is in our nature to honor a higher power, to show some degree of devotion to the Universe, God, or Creator – whatever you want to call it. When we don’t do this, there’s a tendency to show devotion to people or institutions instead. We see people worshipping doctors, medicine, political figures, universities, and certain ideas & values instead. This is not a healthy switch. It keeps us in the Ego, tethered to our physical experience and out of spirit. So just know there may be more room to heal with masculine energy this way, to include trusting in the Higher Spirit.

Air & Fire Elements As Divine Masculine Energy Support

Finally, as I did with Divine Feminine, I recommend that you work with the Elements of Nature. Air and Fire are more yang elements since they’re lighter, hotter, ethereal, related to power & thought, and experience energetically in the 3rd chakra (Manipura – Solar Plexus) and 4th chakras (Anahata – Heart).  So I consider them to be more masculine energy.

Check out the posts here to learn how to align with these elements through interesting and helpful rituals:

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In Conclusion

Hope this information helps you move forward in your life in a more balanced and empowering way!  Please let me know what you think in the comments of the YouTube video.

Remember that we can work together 1:1 in my in-person or online Holistic Healing Sessions if you need further support.

Many blessings to you friend…

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