How To Rise Up And Embrace Your Divine Feminine Energy

Ready to activate your Divine Feminine Energy? Want to discover how to tap into a more empowered and spiritual YOU? Both women & men have feminine and masculine energy, and issues with maintaining a healthy balance.  I have some very helpful guidance on how to achieve the Divine Feminine state in this article & the video below! (Next week we’ll cover the Divine Masculine).

Why Assessing Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy Is Important

So many people have misconceptions around Feminine and Masculine energy! I feel it’s easiest to understand when you compare it to Yin & Yang as we often do here at Falcon Healing Arts. Yin & Yang are the polar opposite, yet complementary dual aspects of the universe that divided from the Wuji (“Infinite Nothingness” – God nature) when the Earth was made.

Taoism explains everything in the Universe as Yin & Yang in order for us to understand our relationship to ourselves and the world better. This helps us achieve balance in our lives. Yin/yang, feminine/masculine energies are both needed! One is not more important than another. 

It’s very informative to discover if we have an imbalance of these energies within us, just like yin/yang issues in the body when we’re talking about health and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Balancing your Feminine and Masculine energies can fix many things that may not be working in our lives.

But it’s not just about balancing these energies! 

More so, we want to have healthy expressions, what we call the DIVINE Feminine & Masculine.  We call this Divine because when we live from this state we’re connecting with our spiritual essence, and our authentic nature.

This is why I already did a video on balancing feminine & masculine energy during my Free Your Authenticity Challenge last year.  You’re welcome to check it out and even join the 5 day challenge which I still offer (you get the recorded videos in your email inbox).

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But now I’m covering this topic in more depth, to help you (1) recognize when you have an imbalance of feminine or masculine, (2) determine if you’re in a wounded state of these energies, and (3) give you a few ways you can fully align with and embody these Divine states.

The Problem I See The Most With Wounded Feminine Energy

We’re starting with the Divine Feminine (vs. the Divine Masculine) because I feel this this the predominant imbalance I see with myself, friends, family, and clients.    And even though it’s mainly women I’m thinking about here, I see men doing this too: 

They are acting out in a wounded feminine state and to “power up”, instead of rising above into a Divine Feminine state, they go sideways to the wounded masculine where they fight & resist healing. 

That is not Divine Feminine, and it’s not powerful.

How To Recognize Wounded Feminine vs. Divine Feminine Energy

Of course the first thing you’ll need to do before accessing the Divine Feminine is to honestly reflect on how you’re showing up energetically.  When you have a situation or relationship that is challenging, look at yourself.

These descriptions of feminine energy will help you see if you are in a wounded or divine state.

Wounded Feminine Energy:

  • Passive
  • Too yielding
  • Victimized
  • Insecure
  • Manipulative
  • Poor boundaries
  • Sacrifices self
  • Overly critical
  • Needy, desperate
  • Doesn’t trust self

Divine Feminine Energy:

  • Receptive
  • Grounded
  • Empowered
  • Trusts self & life flow
  • Prioritizes self-care
  • Nurturing
  • Understanding
  • Open strong heart
  • Emotionally resilient
  • Intuitive
  • Reflective

If you’re in a wounded state, you’ll need to take responsibility for your part of whatever situation you’re in. Then take action steps to move out of it, knowing which aspects of the Divine Feminine you want to embody instead.

In the video above, I give a personal example of a time when I was feeling disempowered and in a wounded feminine energy.  I was blocking help and love from my husband. My business coaches helped me see how I was creating this misery myself! It was a pretty automatic shift, that once I saw what I was doing, I was able to forgive myself and just move forward with clean energy.

Wounded feminine vs. divine feminine

Finding Role Models For Divine Feminine Energy

In the example I just shared, what helped me embody the Divine Feminine was to remind myself of all the figures around me, in books, in my shamanic journeys – who embodied this Divine Feminine energy. That’s what I recommend you do too!

Look in your life for people who represent Goddess or Queen energy.  Try to move beyond friends and peer groups (they can also be wounded and validate that state within you). 

Look for strong, feminine ancestors, role models in the community, even social figures.  You can even bring in the Goddess with meditations.  You’re not copying these figures, but rather placing value on their lives. Doing this will give you the courage to let this Divine aspect shine through you, to be revealed.

Earth & Water As Divine Feminine Energy Support

Finally, I recommend that you work with the Elements of Nature to help you access your Divine Feminine energy. Earth and Water are considered more yin, feminine elements since they’re dense, emotional, maternal, life-giving, grounding, manifesting, and experienced energetically in the 1st (Muladhara) and 2nd (Svadisthana) chakras which are low in the body. 

Check out the posts here to learn how to align with these elements through interesting and helpful rituals:

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In Conclusion

Hope this information helps you move forward in your life in a more balanced and empowering way! 

Remember that we can work together 1:1 in my in-person or online Holistic Healing Sessions if you need further support.

Next week I’ll be talking all about embodying the Divine Masculine. 

Many blessings to you friend…

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