How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency and Improve Your Life

Have you heard that you need to “raise your vibration”, but don’t know exactly what that means? In the healing arts, we teach how to align internally so that our outer experiences match what we desire (whether that be health, wealth, happiness, etc.). In this post, I’ll be sharing exactly how you can raise your vibrational frequency and improve your life overall.

What Is Vibrational Frequency?

Everything in the world is made up of life force energy. Every person, fish, rock, chair, etc. is able to receive energy from the environment, store it, and emit it back into the world. This energy consists of oscillating atoms that vibrate at a unique frequency, measured in Hertz (Hz).

Human emotions vibrate at particular frequencies (see the chart below), which can flavor our life experiences. But more importantly, communities of people have collective frequencies that impact the world strongly.

If you’re new to this subject, an easy way to understand it is by looking at the vibrational frequency chart below. On the bottom are the lower frequencies of shame and guilt which make us feel contracted and small. And as we travel up the funnel, we feel more expansive as we tap into higher frequencies of peace and enlightenment.

I personally don’t like focusing on the actual frequency numbers, but instead like to think about each emotion as having a certain level of awareness which leads us to relate to ourselves and others in a particular way. This is how we think of it in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, and Reiki with our dan tiens or chakra energy centers. As we open them up and take responsibility from the choices we make in life, we reach a more evolved or enlightened state. This is my own vibrational frequency chart that I believe is more relatable:

vibrational frequency chart

What Does It Mean To Raise Your Vibration?

It’s obvious looking at the charts why one would like to “raise their vibration”.

  • Do you want to live a small existence where you feel like you have zero control?
  • Wouldn’t you rather feel hopeful and limitless instead?
  • What about on a community, national, or even global level? How do you want your outer world to feel?
  • What would the world look like if the collective frequency was courageous, accepting, and loving?

Many people say they want to see peace on Earth in their lifetime. But they don’t understand that it needs to start on an individual level, within themselves. We all need to take responsibility and raise our own vibration to then affect the whole.

Luckily, because of the faster, more expansive nature of higher vibrational frequencies, it doesn’t take a lot of people at this level to make big shifts in the collective.

Ways To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

There’s much you can do to lift yourself up out of a lower vibrational state. These steps below can increase the quality of your life and contribute to a more peaceful world.

1. Make the intention to lift your consciousness

This is a challenging first step. Most people who live in fear, who blame others for their circumstances, have no concept of what it’s like to be any different. They think that people who speak of positivity about peace and love – are delusional and not living in reality. It’s actually true that there is a divide in reality between these people and ranges of frequency! Their lives and outlooks are completely different.

What’s unique though, is that people who have achieved higher frequencies have an easier time relating to those who are vibrating lower because they have experienced it before. And they are making the intentional choice over and over again to continue to evolve so that they spend more time in a higher vibrational state. They recognize that they’re doing this not only for themselves, but for the benefit of all beings.

2. Be grateful for everything in your life

Expressing gratitude for your life every morning can set you up for having a more pleasant day ahead. It will start you off in a higher vibrational state where it’s easier to fluctuate from instead of starting low and trying to rise up throughout the day.

Gratitude helps us see that every human experience and all the emotions we feel are completely acceptable. There are lessons from challenging experiences. There are huge growth and healing possibilities from trauma. We don’t necessarily want to welcome them into our lives. Chances are these challenging experiences happen when we’re vibrating lower (like attracts like). But these experiences if looked at mindfully, can show us that there is room to grow.

3. Meditate To Lift Your Consciousness and Raise Your Frequency

Mindfulness meditation teaches us to watch how the mind creates our reality. We can see how our intentions, thoughts, feelings, and our actions are responsible for what is showing up in our lives. And to make it different, we need to change the way we relate to ourselves and others.

A regular meditation practice will help us experience mindfulness in everyday situations. And with time, we have less fluctuation in our vibrational frequency when the mind is constantly checking our experience.

I highly recommend trying these three meditations which not only help you relax, but will also adjust your energy. I teach you exactly how to “raise your awareness”. Get it by clicking below. You’ll love it!

grounding centering raising awareness audio guided meditations

4. Remove yourself from lower vibration situations and relationships

Eventually, you’ll have insight about how your relationships with others is affecting you. Especially if you’re meditating, you’ll start feeling the divide between your reality and others. If you’re not able to continue your pursuit of positivity, especially if your friends and family are trying to keep you on their level and are being mean about it, then it’s best you create some distance.

“If you’re not helping me evolve, you’re a distraction.” Ralph Smart, Infinite Waters

This goes for our work, school, and recreational environments. If they’re not supportive of your growth, then why are you supporting them?

We might mistake this for compassion, but if you really take a close look you may be caught up in the vibration of fear. Are you afraid that no one else will love and accept you? I would bet that is absolutely not the case, which brings me to the next step…

5. Hang out with high vibe people who inspire you

Finding friends and mentors who inspire you to develop yourself and grow are the best people to hang around, in my opinion. They’ll support you on your journey, continue to inspire you to greatness, and remind you of what is possible.

It’s not usual for these people to initially trigger us. If we’re caught up in a lower vibrational state where we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others, as I mentioned in the beginning, it may seem like they’re not relatable to us. But as we continue to develop, it’s interesting to see how they become our best teachers and friends.

6. Clear blocked centers with energy medicine

In order to speed up the process of raising your vibration, it’s helpful to work with Acupuncturists, Qigong practitioners, Reiki masters, Light workers, or Shamanic practitioners to clear your energy field and heal trauma. You can find a practitioner in your area to see in person, but much of the energy work can be done through distance healing sessions since energy has no boundaries. I do a combination of all of these modalities in my distance sessions. The process is essentially to unblock trapped energy which shows up as intense emotions & physical pain, tonify weak energy, and regulate to distribute the energy evenly. Energy healing is truly transformational since we’re working with the root of imbalances. I love incorporating into my holistic health coaching work too since it can be a strong foundation for any personal development.

7. Nourish your body with higher frequency foods and plant medicine

Everything we take in with our senses affects our vibrational frequency. One aspect of health that’s easier to control is which foods we choose to consume and the other ways that we nourish the body to heal. Processed foods, conventional produce laced with herbicides & pesticides, low quality animal products, sugar, alcohol, and greasy fried foods are all considered low vibration since they can lower your quality of health. When we eat crap, we generally feel like crap, right? That’s because of the energy we’re consuming that is becoming part of us.

Organic, fresh, local fruits and vegetables vibrate higher, so it’s better for everyone to add more of these foods into our diets. Of course we don’t need to be super strict about this! Just like the emotional state of being that we’re trying to stay in, we can to eat these higher vibration foods most of the time. They should make up the greater part of your diet to achieve the highest degree of wellness.

How foods are prepared is important too. What’s the environment they’re made in? What’s the emotional vibration that meals are cooked in?

This also holds true for how we care for our bodies when we’re ill too. Are we taking medicine that is unrecognizable to the body, far removed from nature, which was made with the intention to help you ignore your body’s natural signals? Or is it natural medicine that’s familiar to your body, that’s made with the intention to heal you on all levels? This is something to ponder.

Essential oils are know for being extremely high vibe (rose & spruce are the highest). This is not only because of plants reverent nature in the world, but also because they’re highly concentrated. A little goes a long way to help you heal, and the aroma uplifts your mood as you’re using them.

8. Spend time in nature

You know I’m always preaching this, because it’s so healing. We must spend more time in nature. Being among the trees and with other animals can lift us up into higher vibrational states. But to stay lifted, we must reflect on our relationship with nature and constantly remind ourselves that it’s symbiotic. We are a microcosm of nature too. When we align with it, we are healthy on all levels.

I hope this concept of raising your vibration is more clear now! And I hope it’s inspired you to make some positive changes in your life. Please comment below if you’d like to share your experience of energy vibration. And feel free to reach out to me if you’d like my personal help!

Well wishes…

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