How To Own And Maintain Your Personal Power

Owning and wielding your personal power is a very important part of human emotional and spiritual development.  And yet many people don’t realize that they are lacking a true connection with this inner strength which can help them traverse life’s challenges more smoothly. 

Do you need to power up in your life?  Read on to learn why it’s important to embrace your power and some tips as to how you can harness it. And watch the video below where I share some personal experiences of when I’ve had to power up.

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What is personal power?

Personal power is that force inside of you that allows you live with freedom and confidence.

It is not violent, as some people equate the word “power” with. It’s not a force that you hold over other people. This power is all good, and when fully embraced, can help you with healthy boundaries and solid connections.

Even though we often say that our inner power needs to be built up or developed, it’s more precise to say that needs to be revealed and wielded. This is because personal power is within each and every person. This innate energy is connected to our spirit, our will, and to our motivation for following our dreams.

When someone has issues connecting to their personal power, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have enough of it. It means that something is preventing them from seeing that they have it and using it. In a sense, they have consciously or unconsciously given this power away.

Signs That You Are Disconnected From Your Power

Like many aspects of the self, it’s often easier to notice when you’re disconnected from your power than when you’re fully embracing it.

This negative feedback is really helpful in recognizing that there is room for you to grow! So don’t feel bad if you find yourself caught in these patterns that indicate you’re not in your power:

  • Always deferring to “experts” to guide what you think, say, and do
  • Being afraid to share information with people that you think will help them because you’ll be criticized or judged
  • Avoiding new things because you’re afraid of looking out of place
  • Dissatisfaction with how life is unfolding in the moment (life is happening to you, not for you)
  • Fear from holding beliefs that are outside the accepted norm (in politics, work organizations, society in general)
  • Seeking approval from others, especially if you’re pretending to act a certain way to gain it
  • You allow people to talk down to you when you feel they’re smarter, have more experience than you, etc.
  • Complaining about how people treat you (as a victim)
  • Having a hard time accepting someone else’s success or free ways of being (crabs in a bucket mentality)
  • Projecting shame and blame on other people as you judge their choices

There are certainly more examples. Anytime you are fixated on someone else’s issues, or living under the influence of ideas that are not your own, you are not fully in your power.

How do you get your personal power back?

Remember that your power is always present, just may not be valued or used fully. So there’s little work in building it up.

Instead, you need to break the bonds that are making you feel incapable of standing in your power, and find you dependent on others.

Tips for Powering Up Your Life

  • Know what you value
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Stop hanging out with people who make you feel bad
  • Hang out with powerful people
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Speak your truth
  • Journaling and mirror work
  • Mindful Yoga & meditation

I go into detail about each of these points in the video at the top or here and share some of my slightly embarrassing personal examples!

Personal power is a huge part of the work I share in the Free Your Authenticity 5-day Challenge. I recommend this program if you want to boost your power and confidence in a self-paced introduction program and are excited and disciplined to do so.

Those who want to commit to this self-growth but want

  • more accountability
  • fast transformation
  • personalized instruction
  • coaching support from me

…then I suggest you check out my 8-week Pathway To Empowerment Program instead.

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Living fully in your power is a process.

It’s not going to happen immediately as soon as you bring your mind to it, but make take some time to build courage and feel comfortable being uncomfortable.

It is well worth the effort once you realize that you are no longer under the influence of other people’s ideas. You’ll walk through life feeling confident to make your own choices, not caring what people think of you. I did it for myself, so I know it’s possible for you too.

I hope you have more insight as to how you can be living in your power. Please let me know about it in the comments below!

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