How To Heal Your Spiritual Connection To Nature

In this post, I want to expand on our topic last week where we talked about up-leveling our spiritual connection in order to experience holistic health.  Connecting with nature is one of the ways you can experience the beauty, the mystery, and the essence of life that is linked with our spiritual nature.

This is the place that most people need help though.  They are living so far removed from nature, that they’ve lost all sense of belonging to the earth.   It’s our attitude and relationship toward nature that needs to be fixed in order to feel a spiritual connection.  Conservation efforts are not enough!

Read on to learn how to develop a stronger relationship with nature and the Earth.  The video below goes into deeper details as I share examples of the list below.

5 Ways To Develop A Spiritual Relationship With Nature And The Earth

So how exactly do you go about changing your attitude and relationship to nature? These are some examples that have helped me. I hope that at least one of these is attractive for you to explore and help deepen your spiritual experience as a human being on this planet.

1) Realize You’re Part Of Nature

Human beings are a part of nature, within and without. In fact, with Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we believe that humans are microcosms of nature. When we’re sick and diseased, it’s usually because this connection has been lost.

  • We have internal “weather” that reflects what can be happening in the environment.
  • We find inner harmony when we eat seasonal foods and follow the natural rhythms of nature.
  • This medicine points to places in the body that give us maps for how to take care of ourselves when we are ill (like Foot & Hand Reflexology, Auriculotherapy, and Hara diagnosis).
  • We’re guided to eat certain healing foods depending on their color, shape, and similar function to aspects of the natural world. For example, walnuts that look like a brain support brain health.

These concepts may be interesting for you to explore to gain a greater appreciation for how miraculous the human body is and how it’s modeled off of nature itself.

2) Create A More Healthy Relationship To Animals Where You Live

Do you know which animals live in your area? How is your relationship with them? Are you having a battle with the local deer eating your plants or the ants wanting to invade your home?

It’s worthwhile looking at how to still have safe boundaries around your space and yet empathize with these beings who are wanting to thrive too. Can you see yourself as being equals and co-existing in your space instead of wanting to exterminate anything that “doesn’t belong”?

3) Discover How You’re Influenced By “The Heavens”

Paying more attention to the celestial nature can help you feel more supported spiritually. Try doing one of the following to help:

  • Honor the Sun each morning. Say goodbye to it at night, realizing that you could not live without it!
  • Learn about Astronomy, Astrology, and Human Design (what I’m currently geeking out on!) to help you see how we’re influenced by the sun, moon, and stars.
  • Follow the phases of the Moon and see if they’re affecting your mood & emotions. Join us in our monthly Full Moon Lunar Yoga Classes to learn rituals to honor this special time!

4) Embrace Your Role As A Creator, But Not Play God

All of us have the potential to create awesome things in our lives! This is part of what makes life so enjoyable. However, I feel like it’s important to recognize that we’re not God, even though some of our medical advancements can make us feel this way. There is still Divine Timing around all that happens to us and for us. We can respect this instead of always forcing things happen, which can breed frustration and further harm your spiritual connection to nature & Source.

5) Notice When You’re Afraid Of Nature

Wild animals, the Sun, microorganisms, certain foods (sugar, wheat, etc.) – these are all neutral aspects of life that we can and should have a respectful relationship with. And yet many people are terrified of them. Sure, they can seriously harm you if you’re weak or not living aligned with nature. But realizing this should help you seek how to have a healthy relationship with them and learn how to co-exist.

I hope this information is helpful to improve your spiritual connection to nature! Please let me know in the comments below. I’m curious to hear which aspect you feel you’re already connected to and where you would like to grow more. Blessings to you!

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