How To Heal Through Dreams With Shamanic Dreamwork

Showing greater interest in your dream life can expand your consciousness, help you heal on a much deeper level, and make your whole life more interesting and enjoyable.  

In this video I’ll be helping you look at dreamtime from a different light, from the shamanic perspective, so you can reap these major benefits.  And I’ll give you practical ways to start working with your dreams to support your holistic health starting tonight!

This is part 1 of a 2 part series on shamanic dreamwork which is a very important part of my shamanic healing practice

The focus of this article is to introduce you to the shamanic perspective on dreams and how to start working with them.  Next week in part 2, we’ll focus more on nightmares.

What Is Shamanic Dreamwork?

If you’re not already aware, shamanism is basically visionary healing. 

We work with beneficial helping spirits in altered states of consciousness that bring us into otherworld realities.  In these spiritual dimensions, and from these helping spirits, we receive direct revelation. This is communication from the larger Spirit, from The Universe, Source, God – whatever you want to call it! And this information helps us experience health, wholeness and joy in our lives. 

This practice has been consistent in cultures all over the world for thousands of years!  

What we experience in these Otherworlds – the Lowerworld, Middleworld, and Upperworld are very similar to what we see and feel in our dreams.  Many indigenous cultures call this Dreamtime, and it’s simply another doorway to the spirit world beyond doing shamanic journeys. 

So if we’re able to access this the spiritual dimensions of the Otherworlds for healing with shamanic journeys, then we can do the same with Dreamtime!  The only difference (which is a major one) is that we are doing shamanic journeys consciously, so it’s easier to control the intention, what you’re doing in the journey, in order to create a certain outcome.

The challenge is to bring more consciousness into Dreamtime, where our activity is largely unconscious.  But when we start to do this, it opens us up to MAJOR possibilities of not only healing, but creating certain outcomes in our ordinary reality.  Bringing dreams and our unconscious desires to life.

What Shamans Believe About Healing Through Dreams

I have some tips on to how to start working with your dreams in a shamanic way for holistic health and healing.  But first there’s 3 beliefs you’ll need to hold in order for this work to be effective:

1. Dreams Are Real

Dreams are not just the subconscious working out issues while our conscious mind rests.  Though that is partially true, it’s so much more.  Don’t dismiss the unconscious mind which is responsible for 95% of brain activity! 

The brain can’t tell the difference between a dream and real life experience.  Stress, fear, anxiety, happiness, desire, pleasure – the body has the same reaction in dreamtime as in waking time. So what we experience is real to our bodies and therefore very important.

2. Spirits Are Real

We all have a spiritual essence and spirits wander the dreamtime landscape when we sleep.  Our spirits go to the same place when we die.  This is how we maintain connections to loved ones who have passed. This is even how we stay close to people who are living but no longer present in our lives.  The spirit world is vast and this is how we largely interact with other beings beyond time and space.

3. Dreams Are Created By Spirits

Either our Higher Self (our own spirit) or other spirits create the dreams we experience.  These spirits speak to us through emotions and symbols.

Do you already hold these beliefs?  Are you already working with your dreams?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Tips for Healing Through Your Dreams

Get started working with your dreams by:

  • Make an intention before bed. As you settle into sleep, make it clear what you’re wanting to receive from your dreams.  Let the spirits know you are interested in communicating with them and receptive to the messages they give you.  This is a good time to state that you’re only receptive to messages from your higher self and beneficial helping spirits, to establish boundaries.  We’ll be talking more about this in the next video about nightmares.
  • Record your dreams in a journal each morning.  Take some time to interpret the meaning.  Shamanic practitioners believe that dreams mean what we think they do.  Again, these messages have been given to us for a reason in a way we are meant to understand.  So while it may be interesting to talk to friends about dreams or to consult with a book on dream symbols, YOU should be able to interpret your dream the best!  Trust the meaning and take action to find out!
  • Ask for healing before going to sleep each night.  In dreamtime we’re able to connect with our helping spirits, higher self, oversoul, and our creator. Because many of the imbalanced conditions we deal with in our waking life have a spiritual root, treating them in the spirit realm makes the best sense.
  • Experiment with lucid dreaming.  You may have the sense that you’re dreaming – see if you can affect the outcome of the dream.  You can also do a trick to increase the strength of your perception by looking at your own hand.  Seeing your spirit self and adds an element of control.
  • Try to go back into a dream after you wake.  This is a way you can “fix” a dream that felt problematic.  You can even go back into an old dream if you want to learn more about the situation.
  • Ask for spiritual protection so you feel safe to continue this work in dreamtime.  So many people are afraid of the nonphysical. This fear can actually attract in some unpleasant experiences that we’ll talk about next week.

In Conclusion

What you experience in your dreams should be taken seriously! If you feel like your dream life is becoming stressful, please seek help.  To work with me, check out my services and schedule a call to talk more.

Thank you for reading friends!  I would love to hear about your dreamtime experiences in the comments below!  Well wishes to you all…

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