How To Heal On Every Level With A Diet & Lifestyle Cleanse

Detoxifying and cleansing the body is more than a trendy practice to help you lose weight.  Did you know that it can actually initiate the beginning of an empowering wellness journey?  Did you know that you can heal holistically – in body, heart, mind, and spirit – when doing a cleanse gently and mindfully?  

Knowing that you can much more out of a cleansing program makes a huge difference in your ability to stick with it and get results.  So if you’re interested in doing a cleanse but not ready to commit yet, this information will hopefully get you off of the fence and preparing your kitchen & body!

What’s Your Intention For Cleansing?

When starting a cleanse, a detox diet, or whatever you want to call it – I believe it’s important to go into it with the right intention. This will help you choose the program style and to stay as objective as possible as you’re moving through it.

In my opinion, the best intention is to want to HEAL. Healing means that you’re moving from a place of disconnection, imbalance, or disease to a state of joyful well-being and acceptance.

This is important to distinguish from the negative intentions that motivate many people to cleanse. Feelings of disgust, disappointment, or inadequacy can lead you to choose extreme diets under the disguise of a therapeutic cleanse. That could cause further imbalances with metabolism, gut health, and muscle loss. Going into a program with a negative attitude is definitely not going to help you experience mental and emotional benefits. It will just continue the cycle of self-criticism.

Whereas if you go into a program with the intention to heal, you’re looking for positivity. You’ll make decisions based on self-love. And even if the physical results aren’t super profound, you’ll likely experience other benefits that are well worth the time and effort.

Holistic Benefits Of A Cleanse

Here’s what you may experience on all levels if you approach a cleanse with self love and the desire to heal. This is assuming that you’re choosing an organic, whole food cleanse with balanced macrobiotics, avoiding the major inflammatory foods & oils, and if you’re actively avoiding toxins.

Physical Benefits of a Detox

  • As your body releases toxins more efficiently, you’ll able able to assimilate nutrients easier, fueling and hydrating all your cells
  • By decreasing inflammation, you’ll lose weight, find more ease in your muscles & joints, and reduce symptoms of most chronic diseases
  • Better sleep, allowing time to restore cellular health and energy
  • Balanced hormones (purging excess estrogen) – this helps with emotions too!
  • Clear skin
  • Smooth digestion

Mental Benefits of a Detox

  • Bringing more mindfulness into preparing, eating, and digesting your meals will help you appreciate these experiences more
  • Notice which foods are best for you and your constitution (especially if using a food journal)
  • Helps you prioritize eating healthy meals (time to shop & prepare – less likely to pick up junk food)
  • The discipline of a cleanse can help you with mindfulness meditation too, cleansing your mind of stressful thoughts that impact your body and emotions

Emotional Benefits of a Detox

  • Release emotions stored in the body as you let go of toxins and tension
  • Experience more pleasure during eating rituals
  • See more clearly if you’re dealing with any addictions that are keeping you unwell and develop the courage to release them

Spiritual Benefits of a Detox

  • Enlightenment is more possible if you’re body, heart, and mind are clear (this is why cleansing practices are so important in Yoga)
  • Experience self love and the deeper spiritual connection that stems from that

Here’s A 7+ Day Cleanse You Can Try

If you resonate with this list of holistic cleansing benefits, then you’ll also enjoy the program I just created called Nourish to Heal! It’s organized as a course in Teachable that you’ll have lifetime access to. Check out the details below and sign up when you’re ready!

This program is the result of my combined work over decades to heal my own autoimmune thyroid condition as well as guide my TCM clients to nourish themselves in accordance with nature.⁣

Commit for a week for a simple reset, or for longer if you want to make serious lifestyle changes! ⁣ Hope to see you in the course…

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