How To Be Your Authentic Self With Human Design

Do you feel like you’re living your life authentically?  Do you understand why it’s so important?  Or how to gauge whether you’re being authentic or not?  Read on to learn the benefits of authenticity and how to be your authentic self more easily with the help of Human Design.

I’ve been thinking about this subject because of two really great podcast interviews I did last week, talking about my work with TCM and Shamanism.  In both interviews, one of the big questions they had was: 

“How did you make such a huge shift from working in Biotech to doing what you do now.”  

It came down to a NEED to be fully authentic.  

I didn’t believe in what I was doing as a Research Associate.  I felt like I was living a lie purifying proteins that went into conventional cleaning products I knew were harmful & didn’t use.  

And I knew I had potential to do something so much bigger, where I could really help people.   Life was going to remain unfulfilling until I discovered who I really was and have the ability share my special gifts with the world.

That’s what authenticity is: living your life according to your own values, not someone else’s.

What Is Authenticity And Why Is It Important?

When you’re being authentic, you’re breaking out of conditioning.  Breaking away from the collective values – getting into a “good” school, being the perfect employee, having a certain about of kids, making certain choices about your body or even voting in a particular way.

When you’re authentic, it may mean leaving the crowd and embarking on your own path, even hanging out with different people.  In my experience, it’s worth it to face criticism and overcome your fears.

It’s important to be authentic because:

  • you gain respect (self-respect and ultimately from others)
  • you learn to trust yourself and this breeds confidence
  • people will see that you’re honest with yourself and are therefore honest with them
  • it’s less stressful when you realize you have this reliable inner compass to do what is right for you.  
  • you don’t have to rely on the world to change around you

 You know you’re living authentically when you see these things happen.  Also, life will be in flow.  You don’t need to try as hard when you’re authentic.  You’re simply living your truth.

How To Be Your Authentic Self With Human Design

Mindfulness and self awareness are definitely necessary to align with your authenticity.  And this is why people remain stuck in life.  Or they give so much power to others in their life that they don’t even feel it’s appropriate to question or do something different.

Learning your Human Design makes living authentically so much easier.  It tells you what to look for to gauge whether you’re on your path or not.  And it’s a bridge for people to learn how to get in touch with their feelings and engage in more self inquiry.

Human Design is a system that combines Astrology, the Chakras, the I Ching, and the Kabbalah.  With your birth date, time, and place, a mandala is created and you learn you’re 1 of 6 energy types: Generators, Manifestors, Mani-gens, Projectors, Reflectors

Generators like me know they’re in their Self theme when they are feeling satisfied.  When feelings of frustration come up, that’s when they know that they’re living for someone or something else and need to pivot.  This is what I was feeling in my job back then.  Stuck and frustrated that I had no where else to go until I realized the whole world was in front of me, and then over time I was in a flow that was deeply satisfying.

Here are the Self and Not Self Themes, respectively, for all of the energy types:

  • Generators: Satisfaction –> Frustration
  • Manifestors: Peaceful –> Anger
  • Manifesting Generators: Satisfaction –> Frustration/Anger
  • Projectors: Successful –> Bitterness
  • Reflectors – Surprise (delight, curiosity) –> Disappointment

You can’t bypass awareness and knowing how you’re feeling about a particular situation. 


Once you know you’re energy type, and your Self & Not-Self themes, then you know what to look for. It will become more and more apparent how these themes show up your life.  Life has a funny way of recreating situations and giving you opportunities to align on your life path where things are more in flow.

Get A Human Design Reading With Me!

Learning your Self and Not-Self theme is a shortcut to knowing how to be your authentic self. And I love giving Human Design Readings to teach this!⁣

I offer 1 week of coaching after the Human Design Readings I give, which will help you identify situations where aligning is needed.  You can get more info about my readings here:

Whenever I’m living inauthentically it usually means that there’s a huge disconnect between what I believing and what I’m doing.  This disconnect can affect other areas of my life, my health, and my relationships. 

You’ll likely notice the same thing happening in your life too, which is so powerful, because then you’re able to make conscious changes in one area that affects all others.

If you found this information on how to be your authentic self helpful, please share it with a friend, and feel free to leave feedback in the comments below. 

Well wishes friend!

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