How To Be A Healer In Your Own Home

Do you want to learn how to be a healer in your own home? It’s a role that I feel we can all aspire to. I’ve said numerous times: the healthiest people are those who are confident about taking care of themselves and families at home. This has become even more evident during the last 2 years of the global pandemic. Those who are most relaxed and hopeful are comfortable with the idea of co-existing with the virus. This is because of their strong knowledge of basic wellness principles, trust in their bodies, and faith in integrating natural medicine.

In the last video I did 3 Reasons Why I’m Grateful For Omicron, I talked about how it looks light there is light at the end of the tunnel. With this variant less lethal and spreading quickly, achieving natural herd immunity is looking good. That means the end of restrictions, segregation, and that people will need to co-exist with the virus. This last point is really upsetting people who assumed they could avoid Covid-19 and it’s variants through vaccination and masking alone.

Avoidance is never a good strategy!

This is why I’ve doubled-down over these last two years. I’ve shared with you all ways that you can support your body with preventative measures (reducing toxicity, bolstering the immune system) and natural treatments. It’s a way to gain some control over your health and boosts confidence.

For those who didn’t hear it, this is my final attempt to help you take care of yourself naturally. Much of what I’m describing here is how to believe in yourself and nature. Follow these 5 steps to become a healer in your own home.

5 Steps To Take Care Of Yourself And Your Family Naturally

Becoming a healer in your own home means that you trust your inner authority. If you have always doubted your ability to self-heal and constantly look to others to tell you what to do, then this path may be long. And that’s okay! You just need more time, experience, and evidence to believe you’re capable. Keep moving forward though! Doing so will make you less fearful and more courageous about your choices over time.

1. Lead And Heal Yourself Before Your Family

It may be tempting to just try out your healing skills on your partner or kids. Their feedback back be very helpful in building your confidence. However, their trust will be stronger in you if they see you doing the work too.

We all have holistic health issues. Decide if you’re going to work on resolving chronic pain, reducing your stress, improving your sleep, or whatever else would significantly improve the quality of your life. Create your own healing story first, or at the time time you’re working with your family. Your self leadership in this area is excellent to model for your kids too, showing them they can trust their inner authority too!

2. Choose Your Healing Modalities And Commit To Mastering Them

Whole food nutrition, vitamin/mineral supplementation, low toxicity living, and appropriate exercise are wellness basics everyone will do best to understand. I can help you with that knowledge through 1:1 coaching, you can learn from another practitioner, or self study programs.

Besides that, you can focus on other alternative health modalities that serve as protection and also treatment for illnesses.

With my services, you can learn how to use:

  • Acupressure and simple massage techniques
  • Essential oil use
  • Herbal medicine
  • Qigong energy healing (self cultivation)

Perhaps you have different interests though! Consider:

  • Homeopathy
  • Flower essences
  • Reflexology
  • Massage therapy
  • Ayurveda

These are just a few examples of complementary and alternative medicine that have holistic benefits and can be practiced easily at home.

Whatever you decide to focus on, you’ll need to study it thoroughly! Just dabbling is not enough to become confident in your skills. Fully commit to knowing your craft to be a reliable resource for you family and perhaps someday for your community.

3. Understand Red Flags And When To Team Up With Practitioners

Now in order to feel more confident about being a healer in your own home, you’ll need to know the red flags to look out for to know when you should consult with a doctor or wellness practitioner. Definitely seek help if you or a family member has:

  • severe sharp debilitating pain
  • change in bowel habits that’s really severe
  • loss or change in vision
  • a prolonged high fever
  • shortness of breath
  • extreme loss of weight
  • a change in mental capacity
  • …or anything else that is way “off” of what is normal for you

Even before something happens it’s always a good idea to talk to your health care practitioner. Let them know that you have this desire to do more for yourself at home and with your family. Maybe they can give you some homework and some tips. Also talk to them about red flags. Ask them what you should look for and be clear of when you need to call them for help.

4. Make Conscious Choices Every Day

Wellness is a journey. Wellness is something that we find after cumulative acts of self-care.

It’s not realistic to be on track with your health 100% of the time. But striving for 80-90% clean living and also seeking mental, emotional, and spiritual balance is essential. Completely abandoning your wellness routines and slipping back into bad habits is not going to serve you long term. Again, going back to the example that you are setting for your children your family members – you’re not going to be this great resource for them if they see you eating crappy foods and drinking all the time.

Understand what is improving your health and commit to doing that for the majority of the time. If you do get off track then don’t sit in guilt and shame. Simply just move forward and get back on the wagon to improve your health for yourself and your family.

5. Remember Healing Is A Higher Power

The fifth and final step for becoming a healer in your own home is to always remember that you are not doing this alone. You’re using substances and tools that derive their power from nature and from source. This is not about us and our ego being able to cure things. This is about helping ourselves and others heal and become more aligned with this natural world.

Sometimes illnesses come up for a reason. It could be to strengthen this connection to source and nature. Perhaps it’s bringing out a spiritual gift within us. Many of us have healing crisises that lead us into healing professions.

So don’t feel like you have failed if you get sick, or if there’s something you can’t resolve that you need extra support with. Remember that this is beyond you. It doesn’t mean that you give up completely but instead do the best you can and then humbly ask for help.

In Conclusion

If you are sincere about becoming a healer in your own home, you will get there! You may also be interested in reading How To Stop The Cycle Of Unwellness And Truly Heal to practice what you’ve learned here. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Well wishes friends!

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