How To Adjust Your Mindset And Energy To Create More Harmony In The Home

Moms, you’re the hub of the family.  When you’re emotionally “off”, chances are your partner and kids are too.  By adjusting your energy and making intentional choices to improve your home life, you’re helping everyone.  Here are 5 things you can do starting immediately to adjust your mindset and energy that will make a HUGE difference in how you create more harmony in the home.

I’m reaching out to you during the first week of school, which is very stressful for many families.  And not just for those going to brick and mortar schools, but for those of us homeschooling too.  Getting your child on a schedule, managing new activities, finding a balance between your home and work life, AND remembering to also care for your own holistic health – can all feel overwhelming.  It’s important to stay mindful of how you’re feeling before stress builds in the home.

These tips will help you stay ahead of the overwhelm while adding more positivity to your family relationships and home life.

5 Tips For Creating Harmony In The Home

1. Start Your Day With Gratitude

First thing in the morning, it’s a great idea to give thanks. Dial it way back to feel gratitude for the most simple and basic things like: being alive, having a family, a roof over your head, and all the abundance currently in your life.

To make it most effective on the vibration of your home, you have to do this before you start your day.  Otherwise, your adherence to your obligations and to-do list will rule the day.  Your happiness will depend on how much you get done and how well you performed.  And if all that doesn’t go well, it can feel like you’re failing at motherhood, or even failing at life.  This is because you’re prioritizing and adding value to the “wrong” things that are not aligned with your authentic nature. 

Starting with gratitude is the way to go.  With a gratitude practice as your priority instead, you’ll have a greater “why” behind everything that you do. It will make life more deep and meaningful. This warmth will ooze out of your heart and be felt by everyone!

2. Stay Grounded And Present

When I refer to grounding here, I don’t mean you have to go barefoot on the grass.  Ground your energy by taking very deep, slow belly breaths.  Breathe into your legs, breathe into your feet.  Move slower, like you’re dragging your feet through the earth.  Enjoy how your body feels as you move.  Use your 5 senses. 

Now can you do this when you’re getting your kids off to school? 

When you’re trying to get dinner on the table? 

When you’re trying to finish up work so you can be with your family? 

Can you stay fully connected to yourself and the earth? 

If so, then you will be able to tame any frantic energy.  When you experience anxiety, like so many moms do these days – it’s literally an out of body experience.  You are typically caught up in thoughts about the future.  So when you intentionally move through the day, fully in your body, connected to all your experiences – your energy will keep you mentally present and emotionally even. Your family will also feel calm and you’ll notice more harmony in the home.

3. Communicate Well With Your Family 

Be very clear to your partner, children, and anyone else who live in the home – that you’re trying to make positive changes for the benefit of everyone.  Be very clear that they need to adjust to your energy.  If they can’t ground with you, see if they can spend some time outside, moving their bodies.  I share an example of how I communicate with my husband, in the video above. It’s worked out really well for us. And it’s clear to both him and my son that the work I’m doing on myself contributes greatly to our family’s happiness. So I never have feelings of guilt or that I’m ignoring anyone when I focus on regulating my own energy.

4. Add High Vibes And Space To Your Life For Harmony In The Home

Here, I’m talking about the vibrational frequency of your space and the things you’re putting your mind to.  Removing clutter and messes from your space clears physical obstacles, that definitely improves the energy flow in the home.  But you also want to remove harsh words, yelling, loud music and any “junk” TV that may be polluting the minds, hearts, and energy of those listening to it.  Create more room in your schedule for self care and down time.  Try not to fill it with things that take you away from yourself.  Escaping into fantasy or with a substance that alters your mind is not a solution – they are distractions keeping you from being fully present with yourself and family (and are very low vibration).  When you create more space, and even silence – you’ll find that you need much less stimulation to be happy and will experience more harmony in the home.

5. End The Day With Forgiveness 

Developing the capacity to forgive is a really challenging endeavor for many people, but could help them so much! It’s a huge growth practice where you need to adjust your mindset. When you forgive yourself at the end of the day, it resolves any emotional overwhelm, guilt, or regrets by acknowledging you did the very best you could.  This totally helps with sleep if you tend to review the day and get worked up before bed. Practicing forgiveness instead lifts a huge weight from both the heart and mind. Forgiving others is an empowering practice that teaches you how to gain back more control. You learn to step out of a victim mindset which is a trap for many people. Forgiveness helps you rise above and realize no one can affect your energy if you don’t let them. Clear your heart of blame and more love will surface for everyone to feel.

Do you have anything you’d like to add to this list that’s helped you adjust your mindset and energy, and create more harmony in the home?  Let me know in the video comments!  I’m also happy to answer any questions you have there too.

If you need further support from me, please reach out.  I help women lead empowered joyful lives with holistic healing sessions, coaching, and spiritual guidance that can be done both online and in-person at my office in Belmont, CA.

If you’re seriously interested, schedule a free 15 minute call with me here and we can figure out the best way to start our work together.

Much love and peace to you and your family…

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