Healthy Magical Products Coming Soon To My Herbal Medicine Store!

I have a quick, exciting update I want to share with you about Falcon Healing Arts! I’m combining my love of DIY with my herbal medicine experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. I’m making medicinal teas and healing products to sell in my practice space here in Belmont, CA as well as on my website’s online herbal medicine store.

Look forward to hearing more about MamaMage Medicinals™!

I’m starting off with medicinal teas (and will be expanding to salves, tinctures, and more).  There are herbs everywhere in my house! I’m having a blast harvesting and drying herbs from my organic garden. I’m also sourcing from a few local organic farms.

Currently, I’m in the blending/testing phase – trying out the recipes myself and then getting feedback from family and friends.  In-person acupuncture, Ahai 7D energy & shamanic healing, and massage clients can be part of this testing process too!

So if you are wanting to be involved, schedule your session soon! I’ll be giving free samples toward the end of June and throughout July.

I’ll keep you all in the loop! 

This is just the beginning stage of product development. I know many business owners would probably want to keep things like this secret until their products are ready. However, I feel it’s really important to talk about it NOW, with you all.

In general, acting on inspiration quickly and talking about it are keys to manifesting anything successfully.  It keeps the excitement high and makes projects feel energetically expansive from the beginning.

If you are interested in hearing more about these products and the building of my herbal medicine store? Make sure you’re following me on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.  Even better, you can sign up for my email newsletter. You’ll not only get updates on the products, but the weekly wellness wisdom I share too.

Well wishes to you all…I hope to connect with you soon!

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