Health, Confidence, And Guidance With Your Power Animal Spirit

With rising health issues these days, it’s evident we need a different approach to healing. Simple things that we shrug off as just being normal everyday problems can clear up quicker and more completely if we address them from a spiritual perspective.

Shamanic practitioners believe many of these modern unwellness gaps are due to a lack of personal power and spiritual support. The traditional way to resolve these gaps is by restoring power with the help of one’s power animal spirit.

Read on and watch the video below to hear more about power animal spirits. Learn how their support can boost your health, improve your confidence, and create more magic in your life. I’ll also share some inspiring examples of how their guidance has benefited me personally.

What is a Power Animal Spirit?

Shamanic practitioners believe that their powers come from helping spirits. It’s their connection to the Divine that allows them to heal others, offer accurate advice, and be strongly supportive for the community.

All of us (not just Shamanic practitioners) have personal power derived from the Divine. This power is responsible for the quality of our lives and longevity.

There are many types of spirit helpers (angels, ascended masters, gods & goddesses of different cultures, etc.). The most consistent source of spiritual support is the Power Animal Spirit. These are beneficial spirits that have taken the form of an animal and create a spiritual bond with us. Very similar to guardian angels, they want to see us succeed in life.

Typically, this spirit bond is formed at birth. Some shamanic cultures believe you can’t live without an animal spirit helper. Shamans ensure that babies and young children have a spirit helper so they’ll live past their 10th birthdays.

However, we modern shamanic practitioners see that the majority of people these days are not bonded with any helping spirits. I feel that lack of power is a huge problem in our modern culture and this is the reason why.

How Can Power Animal Spirits Help Us?

The Power Animal’s presence gives us strength, power, and protection on every level.⁣ This relationship needs to be nurtured though, or the spirit may leave. Perhaps the spirit’s efforts aren’t appreciated, or they feel the person is using their power in a bad way, or the person is just overwhelmed with a negative environment.

The way back to wholeness with Shamanic Healing usually involves reconnecting with this spirit through a Power Animal Retrieval.⁣

Here’s some signs that someone needs a Power Animal Retrieval:⁣

Experiencing anything on this list? If you’re interested in getting a power animal retrieval, check out my Shamanic Healing program. I would love to connect you with your power animal spirit and help restore these missing links to your holistic health.

My Relationship With My Power Animal Spirits

I want to share a bit about my personal experience working with power animal spirits.

My First Meeting With My Main Power Animal Spirit

I started consciously working with my main animal helping spirit when my son was a toddler and I was fairly new to motherhood. I had been reading Sandra Ingerman’s book Awakening To The Spirit World. One night, I decided to do an exercise in the book to meet my helping spirit, while I sat in the dark next to my son’s bed as he slept.

Typically when you are meeting your power animal spirit you need to do a shamanic journey. So either a practitioner will journey for you and find this power animal spirit, teach you how to nurture the relationship. Or you can do it yourself as I was doing by listening to a drumming track.

However, even before I went on the formal shamanic journey I met him! I just put in my headphones and took a few deep breaths with my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, I saw the animal walk into the room, brush against me, and then curl up in my lap. It was a precious and deeply meaningful moment.

From that time on, I had renewed faith in my ability to raise my son as I saw fit, even though it meant doing things differently than other moms in the community. And it’s this divine power that walks alongside me which keeps me healthy in body, heart, mind and spirit. He continues to help me with everyday guidance, in my healing sessions with others, and to maneuver through challenging situations like the story below.

Re-building Confidence and Power

This week I had to deal with a delicate situation where someone I was working with professionally was criticizing my healing methods and the content I was putting out into the world. I deeply honor this relationship, and my desire to see it continue in a smooth, harmonious way was making me question my approach. I started feeling guilty and regretful, indicating a huge frequency gap between us.

Even though I knew this, and that this person was misunderstanding my intentions, I was sick with worry. I actually developed a stomachache. I needed to restore this power and confidence immediately because I didn’t want it to affect my health, sleep, and my other relationships. The quickest way to do this, I knew, was to get help from power animal spirit.

There are many ways to reconnect with an animal spirit and rebuild power. Traditionally, it’s through dance.

So on the evening of this challenging day, I retired to my room. I rattled, I whistled, I sang, and I brought in the spirit. Then, we danced and danced and danced until I felt my power completely restored. My stomachache disappeared. I followed up with a more formal shamanic journey to get guidance from this power animal spirit, on how to proceed with this client relationship. It took just 20 minutes to do all of this. Afterwards, I felt that I was able to resume our sessions again, secure in my approach. I wasn’t worried about defending my work anymore.

In Conclusion

I have so many other stories about how my main power animal spirit has helped me. There are other animal spirits that I’m working with too who have different roles in my life. So I actually have this bigger supportive spiritual team now.

That is what you will have as well if you start doing this work!

Are you interested in receiving guidance from your power animal spirit? Schedule a call with me if you want to talk about doing this work together!

Or are you currently work with a power animal spirit? Let us know in the comments below how that relationship has helped you! Wishing you much love and peace…

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