Guided Meditation For Shifting Into A Magical New Year

Happy New Year! Are you wanting to create a big MAGICAL shift in your life for the New Year? Now is the time to change your mindset, let go of the beliefs that may have kept you stagnant, and step into a new stage in your life where possibilities are endless. Experience limitless magic as we take a guided meditation/ shamanic journey to the Lowerworld in the video below, to get a glimpse of what is possible for you. Here you’ll meet your inner child and spirit helpers who want to see you grow and thrive in 2022 and beyond!

Meditation Preparation

Before beginning this meditation, make sure you can carve out 30 minutes when you’ll be undisturbed. Choose a quiet, comfortable space, and support your body with a soft cushion or blanket beneath you.

This shamanic journey that will take you to the Lowerworld – a mystical place where we commonly go for divination and personal power work.

You do not need any prior experience since I’ll be talking you through it the whole time. Because of this too, it will not be as deep as usual shamanic journeys where your mind and soul are roaming alone in a trance state with hypnotic drumming. So know to expect the unexpected. Also rest assured that you are fully supported energetically and spiritually if you follow my guidance.

Magical New Year Meditation

Affirmations For Continued Daily Support

This meditation and shamanic journey is just the beginning of your spiritual shift. It’s helpful to either repeat this journey later, or use your own meditative methods along with affirmations that will keep you on this trajectory toward activating more magic in your life.

Choose 1-2 affirmations that you resonate with (or create your own), and say them to yourself daily:

I joyfully open up to the magic in my life

I allow myself to laugh, play, dream, and be silly

I honor the child within me who understands that life is always magical and beautiful.

I live cheerfully in the magic of the moment

I embrace the magical healing energy of the Universe to support and guide me in my life

I let go of needing to understand how life works, and open up fully to the magic and mystery of the Divine that supports me on every level

I believe fully in my ability to heal myself and others, harnessing the power and energy of Nature and the Universe

In Conclusion

I would love for you to share your meditation experience in the comments! Let me know if you have any questions that will clarify the method.

If you would like to discuss personal spiritual healing work, you’re welcome to schedule a free 15 minute call with me here.

Happy Magical New Year to you friend!

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