Gaining True Confidence On The Path From Knowledge To Wisdom

Lack of confidence can keep people from moving forward in their lives, or showing up in a way that they really desire.  Knowing this, some instead put on a good show with hope that this “fake it ’til you make it” approach will eventually result in true confidence. However, since most people in the world see through this, it can harm one’s reputation! What I’ve learned from years of experience is that gaining confidence naturally happens when you fill the gap between KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. So why not start there?

TRUE confidence naturally grows when you have earned it.  When you have moved from a stage of just having knowledge to a stage of having wisdom.  Wisdom is when we have fully metabolized, digested, and have had very personal experiences around what it is we’re desiring to share and be.

So whether it’s making a career change,  teaching others a certain skill, making YouTube videos on a subject, or sharing spiritual practices with friends – you can do anything!

I want to help you realize this and build enough confidence to take action!  But you need to be willing to move through these 3 steps to achieve true mastery.

In the video above I give you plenty of examples, so watch that if you want more information.  In it, I’m very honest about how I feel and what you need to do.  It may be triggering to some of you.  So know that I am coming from a good place and with so much love for you.

3 Stages To Move From Knowledge To Wisdom

1. Allow Yourself To Be Humbled

It is absolutely necessary to move through the beginning stages of your journey, to place yourself in vulnerable positions where you may be judged and be receptive to feedback and the lessons that are sure to come up. 

Many people are unwilling to do this.  Maybe it’s because they’re perfectionists.  Maybe they are new to personal development and things have come easy to them in their life. 

To move from just accumulating knowledge to wisdom means that you take action in the world, in public. 

Humility requires us to put aside our ego, of how others perceive us, of wearing a mask and hiding insecurities.  Humility requires us to at least be honest with ourselves that we don’t know something. 

That discomfort makes us learn.  It makes us acquire the necessary skills and to practice.  And what helps to move through this discomfort is to ask yourself why you’re doing this. 

If you are doing something solely out of ego – of wanting to appear special, to hop on the bandwagon with something trendy – then it may be difficult to move forward.

But if you have a bigger mission, especially if this is part of your spiritual path, it’s quite easy to be humble. Let go and let God ! Accept that what comes up is part of the process.  Then trust that confidence and wisdom will come. 

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Free Your Authenticity Challenge

#2 Respect Your Craft And The Process

Respect is the next stage, which flows directly from humility. I’m talking about respect for the depth of the subject matter, respect for the original teachers, respect for the people you’ll be sharing with.

Respect is lacking in those people I see who learn about something which excites them (there’s no fault in that) and then turn around and teach it to their audience, positioning themselves as leaders right away.

If you do this, I feel it’s important you ask yourself: Why? 

Be honest. 

Do you really understand what you’re doing? 

Are you being fair to the people you learned from? 

Do you think it’s fair to the people you’re teaching? 

Are you giving them enough depth to fully understand? 

Do you feel comfortable teaching this outside of your audience? 

Because if you can’t confidently share with everyone, then it might be that you’re not being fully respectful (or humble).

So consider this. 

I’m not bringing this all up to make you feel terrible and stop what you’re doing, but actually to get you to dive deeper and learn more until you’re able to share to a bigger audience with confidence and credibility.  Or, to be able to refer out when it’s clear that the people you’re trying to help need someone who has more mastery than you do.

#3 Only Share What You Actually Practice

Confidence naturally comes strongly when you’ve fully integrated the topic into your life.  This is why I can confidently and so easily teach yoga, meditations and talk about TCM and shamanism on the fly.  They are an intimate part of my life.  What I share with others is my direct experience, not spouting off knowledge I’ve learned from others.

There are things I know, but would never teach because I’m honest with myself that I’m still learning! 

For example, I’ve been a homeschooling mom for 6 years, but I would never think to teach a homeschooling course because I still have to get my son through high school.  I will have more mastery then.  I would only feel comfortable doing it if I could share more of my personal stories.  That’s more helpful to others than just telling them the resources I’m familiar with. 

Think about this for yourself too.  What are the things you’re confident talking about?  Make a list and you’ll probably find that it’s because they are a huge part of your life.  If you’re wanting to gain mastery in something else, you need to practice it. 

Be a humble learner, respect it and go deeper, then let it become part of you.   At that point there is no trying.  When you share from the depth of your being, that wisdom is felt by others. They will also feel that you are confident and trustworthy!


I hope this helps you process, if lack of confidence is keeping you stuck. I hope you can also see a way forward now on the path from knowledge to wisdom.

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Much love and peace to you all….

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