Finding Your Soul Tribe: How Important Is It?

Most of us have a very deep desire to be accepted and understood well by others.  This is what makes finding your soul tribe a priority in life.

I consider a soul tribe to be a group of friends who share the same interests and values as us. There are definitely benefits to spending time with your tribe that are very up-lifting.  However, there are also drawbacks to hanging with this crowd too which are not talked about as much.  And I feel it’s important that you’re aware of both aspects of this relationship in order to have a balanced social interaction.  Otherwise it can affect your personal power and your holistic health if we cling to this group too much.  

As I write this post, it’s the end of the year. Looking at my relationships is an important part of my reflection & planning process for the new year.  I’m conscious about which relationships I feel are done, which need more time & help, and those I want to cultivate & bring into my life to support self growth.  Many of you probably do this type of reflection too, and finding your soul tribe may be part of your new year goals. I hope this helps….

Why do you want to find Your Soul Tribe?

I know from experience that this longing to find your soul tribe is often because you: 

  • feel different from most of the people around you  
  • can’t be yourself around your family and current group of friends
  • have interests that others don’t understand
  • feel alone
  • want people in your life who emulate qualities that you’re trying to build within yourself

Soul Tribe Benefits

Finding your soul tribe can fill these holes within yourself and satisfy that longing for deep connection.

They can be your support system when you’re needing to share what’s happening in your life, to vent frustrations, and to receive validation that you’re not crazy, weird, or that different after all. 

Your soul tribe can help you build trust is others again – which may be challenging if you’ve been ostracized.

Your soul tribe will allow you to grow as and individual, and support your own personal development (so different from an ordinary peer group, sport, or organization)

Personally, I believe it’s most important to establish close, individual friendships that make up your soul tribe.  Your tribe doesn’t need to be a group that meets together, but rather just a handful of friends that support you in different ways.  While it would be nice for them all to be friends with each other too, I don’t think that’s necessary. 

Drawbacks of Sticking With Your Tribe

Let’s talk about some of the drawbacks.  There’s really only 3 things I want to mention that you should be aware of when hanging with your soul tribe. I recommend you keep these points in mind so you don’t become dependent on them for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

1. Having a soul tribe should not be necessary to feel loved and supported

It’s helpful, yes, but ultimately we all need to be comfortable being alone, content with our own personal journey whether those around us are doing the same or not.  Having a solid relationship with yourself and your higher power, feeling that you have that spiritual support is more important than anything.  So try not to lose sight of this in your search for your soul tribe.

2. It’s possible that our soul tribe is so accepting that it supports us the most in staying the same

Love and trust from your soul tribe is wonderful, but does it push you to evolve?  For example, you may benefit from being friends with people who are different from you in order to become a more tolerant person, for being able to see things from different perspectives, and to be more loving to everyone in general.  That doesn’t mean you need to be best friends with everyone, but just careful that you don’t fall into an echo chamber – only associating with people who are the same as you.

3. If you find a soul tribe in large group, watch whether you start to fall into “group think” just to belong

This is where groups start to feel cult-like: when they’re filled with people who don’t have individual identities. You should be able to make your own unique contributions to the group. And it should feel safe for you to only take from the group what you need. It’s okay to not align with everyone and everything!

Meet My Soul Family

I have some ideas for you on how to search for this solid group of friends, but first I want to share who’s in my soul tribe.

  • I spend the great majority of time with my husband, my son, my pets, and myself.  They are the core of my soul tribe – the family I’ve created.  I know this may not be true forever as my son grows up and starts his own family, but right now he’s my best buddy.  We have many deep conversations that I cherish
  • I have a few friends that I hike with.  This is how I like to connect with them, out in nature where we can talk for hours.  These friends know I love them dearly, even though we only see each other a few times a year.  
  • I have several friends I built a strong bond with from the Weston A. Price local chapter. We have similar views on traditional diets & natural medicine which are counter-culture, so we don’t feel as alone anymore when we meet up!
  • I’m a new believer and just started attending mass at an adorable Anglican church in my area. Everyone there has been so welcoming and accepting, though surely we all have our own personal struggles. Gathering together with God & our spiritual health as a priority makes this tribe feel especially deep and meaningful.
  • Then there is YOU! – my clients, the faithful readers of my blog and followers on social media.  What I share with you is not easy.  I am so grateful for the mutual support and respect we have and I hope that this deepens.  “Liking” this video, subscribing to this channel, and sharing with a friend is going to help build our community here. 

Hopefully my list gives you ideas of where you can start searching for your soul tribe. But here’s some more suggestions for you too.

How To Find Your Soul Tribe

If you desire to establish closer relationships, I highly recommend that you first make a list of people in your current soul tribe.  Define what it means to you and for each person or group, what connects you to them?  Then see if there are any gaps.  Who do you want in your life?  What area do you need support in? 

Once you’re clear of who you’re trying to call in, take action to find them:

  • Join meetups for activities you enjoy, participate in a community event, or align yourself with a cause or bigger purpose.  
  • Make sure your heart is fully aligned with these meetups and that you’re showing up as authentically as possible to meet your match.
  • Make an effort to maintain heartfelt connections.  Be the one to reach out – don’t always wait for others to invite you to meet up.

I hope this helps you if you’ve been wanting to find your soul tribe.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have as well.


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