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Geranium essential oil use goes back to ancient times, when Egyptians valued it as a perfume, beauty treatment for skin & hair, and other benefits. Since then, we’ve discovered so many of it’s unique qualities – not just for the body – but the heart, mind, and spirit as well. For this reason, I feel everyone should have Geranium essential oil in their natural home tool kit!

Holistic Benefits Of Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium is a strong, clarifying essential oil that has a wide array of holistic benefits. It’s often called “Poor Man’s Rose” because of its likeness to Rose in both scent and function. If Rose is considered the Queen of essential oils, having the highest vibration and healing potency, then I would say Geranium is a Princess. She can be substituted for Rose in many situations. However, once you get to know Geranium, you’ll love her for her distinctive characteristics.


Geranium has antitoxic, antihemorrhagic (stops bleeding), regenerative properties. Therefore, it’s spectacular for wound healing. Geranium was a key player in healing my son from a nasty skin infection when he was 8 years old.

(Ideally it’s best you tackle something like this with your doctor. Since I am a health professional and I knew the red flags to look for, I was comfortable treating him myself.)

I combined a Chinese herbal wash along with Geranium essential oil, applying it as a compress in water a few times a day. We kept the area covered to prevent spread. It cleared within a week!

Geranium is also a boon to women’s health. Take it internally (only food/therapeutic grade blends like doTERRA) or apply topically to help with low libido, hot flashes, menstrual regularity, PMS symptoms, and general hormone balancing.

Since there’s so many beneficial acupressure points for women’s health on the inner feet, I love applying Geranium there to accentuate the results. It’s even more powerful when you add a layer of castor oil, known for invigorating the blood in Chinese Medicine.

womens health tip for regulating hormones with geranium essential oil

Just like the ancient Egyptians, we can also appreciate Geranium as a beauty treatment. Apply liberally to skin and hair to balance oil production, add more moisture, and fight body odor.


Geranium has a very strong floral scent. It reminds many people of old Victorian times. Some people love it while others… don’t.

This is why it’s so important to know the benefits of essential oils! Sometimes the most intense-smelling oils can be your greatest helpers. It may be necessary to confront your negative programming and past beliefs about Geranium’s scent to really appreciate its important function.

Geranium blends really well with other florals. Keep this in mind when making essential oil diffuser blends with Geranium. Using it in a blend will also help create a more positive association with it. Choose the companion essential oils that combine with Geranium for the best effect.

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends With Geranium

essential oil diffuser blends with geranium

Geranium is considered the oil of Love and Trust. It opens the heart and improves self confidence. It softens anger and feelings of grief, disappointment, and abandonment. Use it with meditation and affirmations to actively promote healing. Use it to keep your heart open around people with triggering beliefs and behaviors, by applying it to diffuser jewelry or as a topical energetic talisman on your chest.

top 5 uses and benefits of geranium essential oil

In Conclusion

The benefits of Geranium are vast, and can be life-changing.

Want the highest quality Geranium that is ethically sourced from communities in Kenya and Madagascar (where Geranium grows best)?   Visit my essential oil page here for information on this therapeutic-grade brand I use. Please reach out to me if you’d like help purchasing and would appreciate educational support.

Have you used Geranium essential oil? Did it have a positive impact on your holistic health? Please share your experience in the comments below! Well wishes friend!

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holistic benefits of geranium essential oil
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