Energy Update September 2023 And Guided Meditation – Surrender To The Present Moment

The September 2023 Energy Update is here, which is going to help us tremendously with seasonal changes too. It’s almost Autumn, when nature and our higher selves are asking us to:

slow down,

go inward,

allow for self reflection,

and focus on our health, family, and whatever really matters in our hearts.

Oftentimes, we resist this guidance from nature and our authentic selves. This resistance is one of the reasons why we experience disconnection and difficulties in our lives.

I love doing these monthly intuitive readings to bring consciousness, connection, and clarity to the relationship between ourselves and the world.

What’s forcing the issue to go inward right now is the profound feeling of loss that’s very palpable this month.

In the video below, I share my personal experience with this, but also highlight other ways it may be coming up for you.

And I guide you through a meditation which will help you feel more powerful, present and to be able to acknowledge and release these tougher emotions.

Check it out here:

Energy Update September 2023 And Guided Meditation – Surrender To The Present Moment

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September 2023 intuitive reading and spiritual guidance
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