Energy Update October 2023 And Guided Meditation – Be Selective About Expression To Retain Your Power

The October 2023 Energy Update is here, which will help us so much with inner reflection and personal growth.  That’s what Autumn is all about!

This month we’re asked to pay attention to our speech, the energy and emotion behind it as well as our intention for expressing ourselves.  Doing so will help us retain our power and bring more respect into our relationships.

I give you a lot more details about this as well as what to watch for with the people around you who may try to take advantage of your open heart.

At the end, I guide you through a meditation to practice this inner watching & listening.

Check it out here:

Energy Update October 2023 And Guided Meditation – Selective Expression To Protect Power

Start your month off right with this October Energy Update! Gain valuable insight into the cosmic energy coming your way. Through a divination reading and guided meditation, this video will help you understand which challenges you will face and which energy will be most beneficial.

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