Energy Update October 2022: Recommit To Love & Your Path

The energy update for October 2022 is very positive for those of us who have been doing inner work the last few months! We’re starting to feel the shift on a collective level, from all the individuals contributing to a more loving world.

In prior months, we’ve been asked to address our shadow selves. If you’ve been willing to…

  • reveal the parts of yourself that have been hidden/suppressed
  • admit that certain beliefs/behaviors of yours are causing the pain you’re experiencing in life
  • look at the truth of what’s happening in the world, seeing through the manipulations and facades
  • focus on your own issues and growth instead of blaming others or trying to change their behavior

…then you are now in a very, very sweet place now for October. That’s because you are now fully capable of experiencing unconditional love and peace.

I explain much more about the vision and messages here:

Energy Update October 2022 & Divination Tarot Reading

I LOVE doing these divination readings for all of you on YouTube. If you’re loving them too, please let me know in the comments of the video! I am happy to answer any questions you have there too.

Also, if you feel like you still have lots of room to heal your shadow self, I would love to help you out. Shadow work is starting to become a valuable skill in my Holistic Healing Sessions and Pathway To Empowerment program. Schedule a free 15 min. call here  if you’re seriously interested in exploring this together.

Well wishes, friends! Hope you have an awesome October!

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Energy update october 2022 divination tarot reading
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