Energy Update November 2022: Next Level Soul Work

October gave us an opportunity to experience more love, connection, and inner peace. I hope you felt it! Now in our November Energy Update, we are asked to go deeper again. Yes, more shadow work is necessary!

Autumn is a very natural time for us to access these deeper, hidden layers. Luckily for us, the collective vibe is for once aligning with nature too, so we don’t have as many negative influences pulling us off track!

We need to sit in darkness, which can be hard for some as the power of the sun wanes. As long as you have strong personal power, this next-level soul work will be amplified by navigating your shadow.

Developing courage on our spiritual path is needed to up-level our lives. This will set the stage for a super bright new year!

I explain much more about the vision and messages here: Energy Update November 2022 & Divination Tarot Reading  

Let me know which part is the most interesting for you!

Let’s talk more if you’re having a hard time adjusting to the rhythms of Autumn and the decreasing light & energy. I have a few different levels of support in my healing services.

Seriously interested in working together? Schedule a free 15 min. call here !

I hope you have a blessed November!

energy update november 2022
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