Energy Update May 2023: Time To Seek Solitude And The Support Of Water

I hope May is starting off great for you!

I have our monthly energy update ready to view. Some of the same themes are coming up as last month but with a different flavor.

The need for solitude is in the forefront, and using meditation (combined with connection to water & emotions) will support the energy most of us are influenced by this month.

I felt compelled to add in a quick meditation after the message, so make sure you watch all the way through to experience that.

Check it out here!

–> Energy Update May 2023 and Divination Tarot Card Reading

I know people wonder how divination fits into all of my other content and services. I address this at the beginning of the video, how divination as always been a big piece of Chinese Medicine. Getting back to the roots is so important! I feel we can all be more receptive to spiritual support too.

After watching the energy update video for May 2023, let me know what you think in the comments on YouTube!

Do you resonate with the message or not?

And can you commit to the practice I suggested for you all?

Wishing you health, wealth, & happiness always!

energy update may 2023 divination tarot reading
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