Energy Update March 2023: Time To Move & Manifest Greatness!

Your Energy Update for March 2023 is here! Based on this intuitive information coming through and the cues from nature, it’s time for taking inspired action.

The energy of February helped us process emotional obstacles and primed us for exciting changes to come. Now we’re seeing the fruits of our labor!

Manifestation is a huge theme this month, but you’ll need to follow the strategy I talk about in the video in to see your wishes come to fruition.

Of course we will all have our own experiences! But we’re influenced by the same energy: much of which this month is also the seasonal shift to spring in the northern hemisphere.

In this video, I talk briefly about the shifts I’m already starting to see personally. These were things I was trying to put in place earlier in the year. Finally, it’s the right time and everything is falling into place. There’s no forcing, I’m just trying to go with the flow!

You can watch it here:

Energy Update March 2023 & Divination Tarot Card Reading

How does this message feel to you? I’m interested to hear if you’re also feeling this momentum and a little push from the spirit world.

Let me know in the comments below or on YouTube! I love connecting with you! 

energy update march 2023 divination tarot card reading
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