Energy Update January 2023: Protecting All You Love

Want to know how to start the new year with more direction and support on your life path? In the Energy Update for January 2023 we’ll explore potential collective and personal themes with intuitive guidance and a divination tarot card reading.

Up front, the major focus is around how we protect and care for the people and things precious to us. But the message is even bigger than that, and can be understood on a few different levels.

Honestly, this energy update blew my mind! It was like I was given a few pieces to a puzzle over the day and then the clarity hit.

I love that these monthly sessions help both you AND I focus on personal growth, and to show up more fully in our lives.

Are you excited to hear what came through? You can watch it here:

Energy Update January 2023 & Divination Tarot Card Reading

If you have any insights or any questions about what I shared, please comment below or on YouTube. I would love to help you process this further!

energy update and divination tarot card reading for January 2023
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