Energy Update December 2022 & Divination Tarot Reading

Ready for your December Energy Update, friends? Me too!

I’ve been spending the last week doing a lot of end-of-year reflection and planning for the new year. And I’ll be continuing with this today and through most of this month.

Why do I spend so much time and energy on this inner work?

Our life is what we make it! And there is always a link between what we experience in our outer and inner worlds. I hold both of these beliefs strongly. If you do too – then mindfulness, taking responsibility, and making intentional shifts – should be a great priority for you.

The divination readings I do for myself and others help tremendously with this process. I’m better able to focus on the things that really matter!

This is spirit-level communication is often profound & insightful since it’s from a deeper, wider perspective.

I’m happy to connect and provide you with prompts to consider and energies to watch. Of course you’ll need to filter this information through your own experience in life. Please honor your own intuitive nudges.

Take & act on what makes sense. Just be aware of the other guidance (it may become more relevant to you later).

For our December energy update and divination tarot reading, we’re expanding our ability to love, opening up to greater abundance, and preparing to stand our ground while defending our values.

We’ll see many parallels to what we’re seeing in the outer world and what’s happening inside of us. This will result in more peace and understanding.

Energy Update December 2022 & Divination Tarot Reading

I hope that this shamanic divination and tarot reading helps you to live more intentionally to co-create what you desire, with spirit. I’d love to hear your take on the visions and messages that came through.

december 2022 energy update and divination tarot reading
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