Energy Update August 2023 And Guided Meditation – Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter!

The August 2023 Energy Update is here! With the new month comes a different flavor of energy. The Full Moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1, ruled by the air element, is mainly influencing this shift. It’s helping us clear our minds and focus on things that really matter.

So many people are getting bogged down with mindless, unfocused activities.  It’s like junk food for the mind! They may also be stewing in their own misery because of negative, limiting beliefs.  Many will come to learn that they’re creating their own experiences, and so really have to rewrite many of the stories in their heads.

The best way to do this? 

Listen to the higher mind for guidance!

I go into details of this theme in the video below.

PLUS, I included a 10 minute guided meditation at the end that will help you with this higher self connection.

You can tune in & watch here:

Energy Update August 2023 And Guided Meditation – Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter!

Let me know what you think of this energy reading and the meditation in the YouTube comments! Did the meditation help you connect to your higher self? Any insights?

Remember that I am here to guide you if you need further help in your life, and on any level!

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Well wishes to you all!

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august 2023 energy update guided meditation and divination reading
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