Energy Update April 2023: Create Beauty, Despite Criticism

Your Energy Update for April 2023 is here! This divination tarot card reading is another positive message helping us all with personal growth and creating a more loving world.

The energy of March gave us a huge push – a combination of inspiration from the collective and also the seasonal change to spring.  Many of us finally saw the physical manifestation of things we’ve been thinking about for months!

Much of this manifestation energy is still here for April.  But now it’s beauty that has captured our attention and we feel a deep calling to add to it with all that we do.  The big challenge is that it will not be supported or appreciated by everyone, so we must keep our spirits bright and keep going!

I share details in the video, which you can watch here:

Energy Update April 2023 & Divination Tarot Card Reading

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How does this message feel to you? I’m interested to hear about it.

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april 2023 intuitive reading energy update and divination tarot card reading
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