Embrace Your Human Design Energy Type And Aura

There are many components to Human Design, but the very first thing you’ll learn when looking at your chart is your Energy Type.  I feel it’s important to fully accept your Human Design Energy type, both the blessings and the challenges that come with it.  This is because when everyone fully loves themselves and the special role they have in this world, we’re more likely to experience peace & harmony on a collective level.

Human Design is a wonderful system that combines the Chakra system, Astrology, the I Ching, and the Kabbalah which helps people make big shifts in their lives.  It gives direction and a solid framework to make conscious choices and to redirect their actions.

In this post & the video, I’m going to go through the 4 main Human Design Energy types and highlight features of their unique aura. I’ll bring up the things that are wonderful about each one to create more harmony in the world.

Do You Know Your Human Design Energy Type?

If you don’t already know your Human Design energy type, you can get a free chart from Geneticmatrix.com or mybodygraph.com. 

It will be helpful for you to have your energy type in mind as we go through this list, since my focus here is really on helping you develop more self love through Human Design. 

However, I really suggest you open yourself to embrace the beauty of all of the energy types, to build appreciation for how we all work together

Gifts Of The Human Design Energy Types

Human Design Manifestors

Manifestors have an important role in initiating change, creating new systems and being pioneers in work and community life.  Manifestors are often admired because of how easily they can manifest their ideas and desires. 

They are just 10% of the population, and it’s amazing how such a small amount of these people can induce significant change.  There are 2 main energetic reasons why Manifestors are so effective. 

  1. They have a defined Throat which is connected to one of the motor centers – and this helps them communicate and take action. 
  2. They also have a “closed” and “repelling” aura.

When Manifestors hear about their aura, it may not feel good.  “Closed” and “repelling is the language used by the creator of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, and it’s not the most appealing. I feel it’s a good idea to explain further and relabel their aura, because it is really wonderful!

Having a closed aura means that they aren’t fully available to everyone all the time – especially when trying to create.  They have strong energetic boundaries which helps them stay in their zone of genius. 

The other energy types rely on Manifestors to focus on getting projects off the ground so they’re more than happy to leave them alone.  They want them to take the lead until the Manifestor says, “Okay It’s done! Now do you want to join in?”

Manifestors have the freedom to do whatever they want and in their own timing. It’s usually very quick.  So if you are a Manifestor, don’t feel bad about enforcing these boundaries – everyone will benefit from you doing things your own way.  So dive in – just let us all know what you’re doing so we stay connected.  That’s all we ask.

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Human Design Generators

Generators are the workers, the builders, and those that bring ideas and concepts into form. Also called Alchemists because of their ability to generate and transform energy. Both Generators and Manifesting Generators have open and welcoming auras.  They’re very attractive to others because of their stamina and the joy that comes from doing work they love. 

It’s the defined Sacral center that makes Generators and Manifesting Generators unique.  Manifesting Generators also have a defined Throat connected to a motor center which gives them even more energy and the ability to multi-task. They are rockstars, but it’s often hard for them so see their gifts! 

Sometimes they’re taken advantage of by other energy types who rely on their ability to build things and ride their energy.  Many people feel pressure to stay in jobs that they absolutely hate, just to make money, just to feel significant.  And it’s the Generators & Manifesting Generators that need to break away from this conditioning the most since they together make up 70% of the population. 

If they all recognized the importance of doing work they loved and if this was supported by the other energy types, it would completely change the collective vibe. 

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to live in a world where people were happy, focused on fueling their joy and cooperating with others, building a better and brighter world? 

It’s the Generators who are responsible for doing that.  So if you’re a Generator or Manifesting Generator, let yourself shine bright!  We need your sparkle! 

Other energy types, you can support Generators by encouraging them to follow their joy, give them resources to support their work, give them credit for the work they do. It’s easiest to communicate with them by asking non-complicated YES or NO questions. They like simplicity!

Human Design Projectors 

I love Projectors so much!  I have many clients and friends who are Projectors, which is interesting since they make up only 20% of the population. 

Projectors have a focused, piercing aura.  It’s evident when you’re talking to a projector that they see things in a broader, different way and there’s wisdom in their viewpoint.  When they make eye contact with you, it’s hard to break away and you want to hear their viewpoints. Because of this wider perspective they have, they’re very good and working with people.  They see the potential in others and act as wonderful, encouraging guides. 

On the body graph, projectors are very open.  They do not have defined sacral centers – no throat to motor center connection.  So they do not have a reliable way to generate energy or manifest creations.  This is hard for some.  If they try to be just like Manifestors or Generators and end up falling short or exhausting themselves.  Projectors need a lot of rest, and to give themselves more grace.  They make wonderful managers and advisors.  That can be taxing in itself – just dealing with different personalities. Projectors enjoy it though, as long as they have plenty of time to recover in between interactions. 

No one likes unsolicited advice, so we can support Projectors by inviting them to help us.  And they want to have fun with us too, and not just have this role of managing others. So we can invite them to share joyful experiences with us as well. 

Human Design Reflectors

Reflectors are super special.  They make up only 1% of the population and are completely open.  They have zero defined centers, which means they are constantly sampling energy from the other types and their defined centers. 

Reflectors are more in touch with the auras of other energy types and also with the environment.  They process what’s happening in the world in a completely different way, with more depth.  More in touch psychically, emotionally.  Better able to see if connections between others are working, are healthy or not.  Basically reflecting back energy to others.   This can be very uplifting!  Reflectors can offer suggestions for how things can be done differently without criticizing or appearing judgmental. 

Think of old world spiritual advisors who are aligned with the cosmos and taught how to align with nature.  Reflectors have a special role in the world. They’re here to raise our vibrational frequency and to help us be led by spirit. 

We can support Reflectors by listening to them, to not expecting them to conform and give them an encouraging environment.  See them as fully empowered, not vulnerable.  Help them embrace their carefree nature. Don’t bombard them with problems or expect them to lower their vibe just to relate to suffering in the world.  They are needed to lift others out of suffering.

I hope this deep dive into the Human Design Energy Types & Auras was interesting for you and that you now see how important your role is in the world!  I would love to know what your Energy Type is.  Please share it in the comments below and let me know what you love about it.  If there any aspect of your type and aura that you can appreciate more.  I’d love to help you with that.  

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