DIY All Purpose Cleaner Without Vinegar

Want a natural cleaner that is safe and effective? I have a great DIY all purpose cleaner recipe for you that doesn’t use vinegar (which is the most popular natural ingredient, but not appropriate for everyone).

This recipe is so simple to make! You can use it all over your kitchen, bathroom, on your walls, spot cleaning floors, doorknobs, etc. And it’s made with essential oils so that you’re getting the mood-boosting health benefits as you clean your house. That’s a win-win!

I think you’ll find that it’s the perfect substitute for the heavy duty cleaners you might be using in your home right now that may be harming your health more than helping it!

DIY All Purpose Cleaner Spray

Why Use Natural Cleaners?

If you read my last article on Germ Are Good For You, So Stop Over Sanitizing, then you know I’m not a fan of disinfecting your home and body. I do believe we need to live with germs in order to keep our personal microbiome healthy and immune system strong! So when I clean, my focus is just on removing stains, crumbs, handprints, and basically keeping the home tidy.

Now, essential oils do have disinfecting properties, but not to the degree where they’re going to annihilate all the microorganisms in your environment. There is no decline of gut and immune health when you use essential oils. In fact, they are known to enhance cellular health and immunity! There’s also the perk of boosting your mood, which is helpful if you don’t like to clean!

With this recipe you only need 4 things:

  • 16-oz bottle (glass is nice but not totally necessary for this purpose)
  • 12 fl. oz. distilled or filtered water
  • 20 drops of therapeutic-grade essential oils
  • 4 T Castile soap

Natural Cleaning Without Vinegar

The reason that we’re not using vinegar for this recipe is that, while it is a great natural cleaner, it will corrode stone, granite, and marble surfaces. I have granite both my kitchen and bathroom!  So it’s not the best choice for my family.

The Castile soap and essential oils are quite enough to clean your space without worrying about damaging your counters or your health!

Natural all purpose spray
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Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Add to your green cleaning hacks with this natural homemade all purpose cleaner. Cleaning with essential oils is so easy and better for your body (and the environment) than harsh disinfectants. This recipe uses Castile soap instead of vinegar which protects your counters too!
Yield: 16 fl. oz.
Author: Brandy Falcon


  • 16 Oz. Spray Bottle glass is best
  • 4 T Castile Soap
  • 20 drops Essential Oils doTERRA CPTG suggestions: Citrus Bliss, On Guard, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and all Citrus…
  • 12 Oz. Distilled or Filtered Water


  • Add Castile soap and essential oils to spray bottle. Top off with water, leaving space for the trigger top. Shake to mix.
  • Simply spray on the surface and wipe down with a clean rag. That's it!



Remember to shake the bottle before each use to make sure the essential oils remain dispersed.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  If so, please tell me about it in the comments below.

If you want more info on essential oils, consider joining my Facebook Essential Oil Lifestyle group. On there, I have many other green cleaning recipes, educational posts on how to use essential oils, information on how doTERRA is unique, and how I can help you get started using them in your home.  

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Natural All Purpose Cleaning Spray Bottle
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  1. 8.4.20
    Shannon W said:

    5 stars
    I too Love doTERRA Citrus Bliss or Citrus Bloom are the two I use daily! Enjoying reading your posts thank you for sharing Natural, healthy, easy to follow instruction alternatives!

    • 8.8.20

      Hi Shannon 🙂 Yes, those citrus blends are exquisite, right? Doesn’t it help to clean the house with them (knowing you’re getting both the physical and emotional benefits)? Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for reading these posts! Well wishes to you and your family.